Praying with The Spirit ~ Speaking in a heavenly language ~ A Gift From God

We’re in the season of Pentecost. I thank God for the gift of speaking in a heavenly language. I’m reminding myself I need to use this gift more. It’s a precious gift.

I recall when I was first received the gift of speaking in tongues. It was in November / December of 1993. I wasn’t for sure that I had it. But, on  January 14, 1994,  I had the evidence…. Things began to change.

I will admit, I haven’t using this gift that Jesus baptized me with. I’ve repented. In my early Christian walk, I would use my gift daily. I had reminders from the church to use it. Well, through the years, I slack off.  LORD, have mercy.

Now days, I’ve been reminding myself daily to use this gift. I catch myself speaking in tongues while I’m cooking and when I’m in a gathering. Yes, I speak in this heavenly language whenever and wherever. I received this gift while I was in a church gathering.

I find that when I speak in this language, I’m edified and built up. I feel more empowered to do what God has for me to do.  I don’t understand what I’m saying. But, I believe that what I utter means something.

I pray that people will receive the gift of speaking in tongues. I don’t hear much about people using this gift. Or how to receive it. I don’t know why it’s not taught as much now days. The gift is important for the Church.

We need the Holy Spirit in our daily life. Those who have the gift of speaking in a heavenly language should use it. Both are connected to the Church.  ~ LORD, wake us up.

May the LORD baptize many with the gift of speaking in tongues.
May we not be afraid to use our gifts.
May we as the Church speak more in the spirit daily.

Thanks for reading.

I notice as I was re reading this blog, I took out some words… The gift of praying in the heavenly language isn’t mine to claim . I don’t see this gift as my tongues. Yes, it’s a gift from God. I’m borrowing the language. Besides, I don’t know what I’m saying. When I speak God’s words, they are God’s words. I’m just a mouth piece used by God.


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