I was inspired to search for my ancestors some 40 years ago. #Roots The Remake

 I watched the originally version of “Roots” in 1977. I watched it again for the second time last year. I did learn more by watching it again. And this week,  I watched the remake of Alex Haley’s Roots.  I learned even more about slavery and life.

This updated version opened new doors to my thinking. I don’t want imagine what my slavery ancestors went through. Slavery was and is a horrible act. I don’t know how those in American slavery made it; the slaves, those who owned the slaves and people who witness slavery.

I can understand that there are people who can’t watch slavery movies. It’s too much for them. The hatred and so forth of how people were treated. That spirit still reminder in our culture.

We have to understand that slavery was apart of history. Those who lived during slavery have descendants or relatives living today. We have to acknowledge that slavery happened. Those ghost ships still live. May the Spirit of God heal our land.

I was thinking.
Something deep in those who were slaves, had to give them, the will to live. The slaves that came on the ships had to have been strong, will-minded people. The ones who made it through their slave-life, may have dreamt about some day of being free.  While others slaves were witness to others’ freedom when they died.

Some of my Journey Searching.
I continue to search for my roots.  I can trace my ancestors on my mother’s side back to about 1785. And on my father’s side back to about 1767.  I’m thankful for what I have come across over the years.

I wish I would have started earlier on my family history. The original “Roots” did inspire me to start searching. In my beginning, I got as far as I could. I always wondered where my ancestors came from.

One thing I didn’t do, I wasn’t going to give up on my search. There were times when I took breaks. I couldn’t find anything. I had so many brick walls popping up on my journey.

I’m thankful that through the years, more public info has been released. I’ve gain more clues and knowledge on my family history. I continue to find more as the years come to pass.

I’m thankful for DNA testing. I’m locating some relatives. I never thought that I could connect through the DNA route. I hope that others can afford to take the test. It’s worth it, if you really what to know where your ancestors’  ethnicity.  I’m glad I took the test.

May we be inspired to want to know about our family history.
May we pass down what we learn about our family connections.
May we the next generation continue to add to the family history.

Thanks for reading.


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