Been Two Years ~ Once A Sunday: My Greeter’s Day Off ~ It Feels So Nice!

It’s been two years. What a journey it has been! Glory be to God!  It’s feels so nice not to greet before Sunday worship at Word of Life. The idea came about a few months before the church started going from two services to one. I felt the need to slow down greeting.

I like greeting. But, I feel that there should be a time when I need to be in the gathering when it starts on Sundays. I use to greet at every gatherings on Friday nights and both times on Sundays.  Then through the years, I’ve learned that I need to slow down.

We can miss out when we come to church gathering late. I don’t like being late. However, I have to be late when I’m greeting on Sunday. So far, I’ve been early to Sunday church six times this year. That don’t sound to good. This is my life of a greeter.

What do I don’t get to experience?
I miss out on the first welcome to the congregation. I miss out on greeting the people who are near where I sat. I miss out on the confession as the body of Christ on why we gather on Sunday. This is important.

I’ve grown to enjoy that one Sunday out of a month to experience what I miss. I still don’t have the confession down. I can’t recall when I first confessed it with the church. It’s a good confession.

I’m staying on the church life journey. It will continue. June is my Greeter’s Anniversary. I’ll be journaling about that we the time comes. Greeters are an important part of the church gathering. Thank God for greeters.

May we experience God as we gather as the church.
May we see the importance of gathering each Sunday.
May we greet the greeters as we are welcomed into the body of Christ.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Been Two Years ~ Once A Sunday: My Greeter’s Day Off ~ It Feels So Nice!

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Morning Susan, I used to be very active in church, now Ijus attend–barely. Can I claim old age as a reason? Lol. You are no doubt being lied by the Holy Spirit.



    • Susan says:

      Good Day Frank! God forgives…. I know that many can’t attend church gatherings. Continue to seek after God….Jesus is the Savior. Not church gatherings etc. Blessings to you.

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