Thank God For Sacraments : Communion With Sinners And Saints: That’s The Way It Should Always Be:

Communion Table in Upper RoomThe very first time I received communion was on a Friday night gathering at Word of Life Church. It was a special night. It was the day after Thanksgiving 1993.

Through the years, I’ve learned that communion was important part of the Christian lifestyle.  So, I continue to take communion with the church. And then, I begin to take it by myself. Then I heard, you’re not suppose to take communion by yourself. We need to take it with as a community.

Communion is a very important part of the church gathering. During my early church life experiences, the church served communion only on special occasions. Then, it was served once a month on Sundays. Then the church added it on the first Friday night of the month. Then, we moved up to every Sunday.  Glory be to God!

I thank God that WOLC serves communion every Sunday morning, Wednesday noon day prayer gathering and Friday night gathering. I was happy to hear that announcement last Friday.  At least I can partake of it two times a week.

What is church without the Eucharist?  Jesus is there always.  We’re all welcome to partake of the bread and wine -> grape juice. Thank You, Jesus for inviting us to Your Table!

May the church gather and worship the LORD.
May we partake of communion when it’s served.
May we see the importance of life we have in Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading.

I’m beginning to see the month of June as a time for new beginnings. It’s like a half way marker. There are some things ending in May as we step into June. There is a freshness about it.


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2 Responses to Thank God For Sacraments : Communion With Sinners And Saints: That’s The Way It Should Always Be:

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    We attended a church in Grand Rapids, Mich that served communion every Sunday. That was nice. The current church serves it once a month. We attended one church that served it once every three months, but they made the entire service about the communion.

    It seems to me that the early Chrfistians in Acts 4 told communion often.

    • Susan says:

      Good Day Frank! Happy Father’s Day Weekend! We should partake of communion as often as we can as the church. We do it in remembrance of Jesus…proclaiming Him and that He will come again.

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