Regrouping From Last Week: Acknowledge one another ~ Life Matters

Oh, what a week, we had last week! I was all mixed up on the days. Then, with all that was going on with the shootings in America, it felt like we were in the twilight zone. Lord, have mercy on us.

There’s so much that’s going on, we can’t keep up with. One thing after another can run a person down. Something has to give. And we need the LORD to help us.

We need to rethink some things; as we’re moving on through our life’s journey. We should repent and ask for forgiveness. There are people are getting out of hand. We need to have respect toward one another. Indeed, All Lives Matter. We need to respect each person no matter what shade we are.

It’s sad to see people making a big deal because people are saying, “Black Lives Matter.” People say that “All Lives Matter.” This is correct also. But,  why can’t people agree that “Black Lives Matter” as a statement? And so do all the other colors that humans wear.  We all can say what we say. Why argue about it? Or say who’s correct? Life Matters.

The unborn baby’s life matter as well. Yet, the unborn don’t have a voice. Only the mother does… If the mother doesn’t want the child, she can’t abort it. That unborn child matters too.

I hope that we can continue to learn lessons from the issues that we go through. It’s sad to see people fussing over things that’s not necessary. We should respect one another. We all have a voice. Can to acknowledge that?

May we not get to caught up in what’s the correct way to say things.
May we acknowledge one another.
May we agree that we have our own opinion about things.
May we respect another as a member of the human race.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Regrouping From Last Week: Acknowledge one another ~ Life Matters

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good Morning Susan. Old people lives matter too! Black lives matter and all lives matter. All lives matter to God. They matter so much, His son died for all of them.

    Racists goes back a long way in human history. The planet is filled with sinners. My college history professor said that in all of human history there was only 50 years without war.

    We are now secular and I think the Christian influence is on the decline–in my opinion. I think churches will not start facing opposition and eventually persecution. Many Christians in the world pay a heavy price to be a Christian. I have heard that some groups area going after the tax exempt status of churches as a way of getting them to conform to their ideas of morality.

    Rasicm is global. French vs. English, India vs. Pakistan, Isreal vs. most Arabs, etc. It is one of the many evidences of sin on the planet.

    Cell phones are changing things. The evil deeds of some law enforcement offices is being caught on video. It is incredibly sad to see these innocent people murdered. Bad cops cannot get away with it anymore.

    The Black community is correct–USA racism is alive and well. My wife and I attended a church in MIchigan that bussed inner city children for Sunday School and church. Many of the white memebers quit when the paster started this. We helped the buss ministry for 5 years before a got a job transfer–again. The plight of inner city families is awful—absentee landlords, unprepared homes, and other things terrible things. I also learned that the Black Community had prejudices against White people—for better reasons than White Prejudice anaginst Blacks.

    I think the government and citizens had better pay attention to this very serious problem or worse violence is going to occur.

    • Susan says:

      Thanks for sharing this Frank! You’ve been around longer than I have. It’s sad that people can’t learn to get a long. Life matters…Old ones too. :-)Prejudice is a spirit that is taught. A person can’t wake up prejudice… We need to be aware of things more and more….especially now days. Too many shooting are happening…it’s like there’s nothing nobody can do about….all this violence… hatred is growing or people are coming out of the closet voicing their say. May say is that “We need Jesus!” We need to wake up and get along….Blessings to you Frank.

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