Weird Dreams: They Make Me Wonder

On July 10, 2016 about 5:30 AM, I woke up from a dream. It felt very real. As I was laying in bed thinking about what I dreamt about. Then, I remembered. I forgot what day it was. I thought. It’s Sunday. Oh, my goodness. I had to get ready to gather with the church.

But, as I laid in bed thinking about what I dream; I felt like the dream was off the wall. I can’t remember all what happened. It appeared to be one dream. But, it felt like a series.

I was in a classroom. I recall a desk with some folders on it. The teacher handed me a folder. For some reason, I recall it was my 3rd time going to Israel.

The next thing I recall, I was coming back from somewhere. I had to find my seat. I saw the seat where I was sitting…Then the next thing I recall, I was in the front seat of a car next to someone…For some reason, I had to get out and I started walking. I noticed that the people in the car I was in, were driven up to a building…where I was walking.

By this time, I was needing to go to the rest room. I recall walking… there were two people talking to me about the teacher.  What they told me was weird. Still, I recall needing to go to the rest room.

I saw a place…I went in to see if they had a rest room. And someone said that they didn’t have a public rest room. So, I kept searching for a place.

I can’t recall how long I kept searching for a rest room. But, I do recall I was with someone. We ended up back in the place where we started. My friend ask to use the rest room. They let her in.

Then somehow I was let in. It appeared to be a place where people got their hair done. As I went to use the rest room,  the place where I went, didn’t appear to be a rest room. It was an awful place. People used it as a rest room.

The ending of this dream was disturbing. It made me wonder. I don’t interrupt dreams. Nor do I try to read into them. But, I did pray for the people who I knew in the dreams. I saw four of the people during the church gathering on that Sunday.

AFTER THOUGHTS: After reading my blog
Why do people treat people differently from others?
Why are we aware of things that are out of place?

May we be aware of our surrounding.
May the LORD wake us up from the things that we do.

Thanks for reading.


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One Response to Weird Dreams: They Make Me Wonder

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I have always like my area Spartan. I get rid of anything I don’t use. My wife is the opposite. I lost. Lol

    I like people who will let me speak without interrupting me or automatically disagreeing.”

    I notice people who are pushy

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