Ideas For New Inventions: May we use our imagination for the good of things

I would joke about this idea to a friend. Only if this could be. A device that we can carry to control the weather that we were in and surrounding us.

When it’s too cold mainly in the Winter months or too hot in the Summertime. We can have the temperature that we wanted. Oh, how great that would be.

It would be like a little thingy we could carry on us with an on and off switch. It would be an automatic thing. This device would be small enough to carry in your hand.

Or maybe it can be a force field around us as we go about our days. It wouldn’t affect what surrounds us. Nor bring harm to the temperature surroundings.

The atmosphere would be the same. But we wold be comfortable as we were out and about. Oh how this could be with no hassle about the weather. Being too hot or too cold.

This is just a wonder. Only if it can be so. How things can come about as going through life. We wouldn’t have to worry about the temperature changes. But the temperature would be what it is.

I had other thought of inventions.
A photo like video that would be flat like a photo. But can be like a motive picture at the touch of the screen.

Transportation: We would be able to speak the location and be there. It wouldn’t be as speaking things into being. If this was so there would be a lot of weird things going on.

May we use our imagination for the good of things.
May we be creative and just imagine.
May God bless us with creative ideas.
May we think good thoughts on the things of heaven.

Thanks for reading.
Hope you do use your gift imagination.
Peace be with you.

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Ideas For New Inventions


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