Thinking And Rethinking ~ What I Consider To Be My Projects

I was looking back over some of what I have written. I have to update from time to time. What I consider to be my projects has changed over the years. Indeed it has. I added updates like this. (My current doings etc.)

May we enjoy the project we do. May we end those projects that no long give us the want to do. May we continue to share what we like others the goodness of God.  Amen!

Thanks for reading.

Blog notes from Saturday, 21 April 2012
What I Consider To Be My Projects

I’m getting my projects in order. I don’t know how many I have started. I have a few want to continue on with.

What Are My Projects?  Or what do I consider to be my projects?

Family Connections on facebook.
That’s the site where I post updates or events of history from my family tree.
There are some current things I post.
(I have 4 Family Connections sites on facebook.
I had divided my family into branches.)

Find A Grave: My Project
It’s the place where I have set up memorials of some of my relatives or people who have the same surname or have connections to my family history.

A Few of My Blog and Journaling Sites
The place where I share some of my life
(I stop posting in this site, for a season. I might go back. )
The place where my family history won’t be lost.
(I’ve added a lot to my projects on I’m leaving a legacy. )

My Family Website
The place where some of my family history is made public.
(It’s my original Family Connections site.)

My Poem Website
The place where I post my poems
(I stop writing and posting poems in 2014. I lost the desire.)

The place where I share some of my testimonies, share the Gospel,
and record things of interest…

May we all have projects we love to do.
May we keep up on our projects.

Thanks for reading.

(I started WordPress on July 8, 2012. ~ I’m still here.)
(Pinterest: Compiling what I like in subjects.)
(  Searching old newspapers: Free ones and ones on


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2 Responses to Thinking And Rethinking ~ What I Consider To Be My Projects

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Good for you! I don’t have any projects.

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