Common Things: Repeated Calendar Years: 2009 Repost

 I have come across some things. There are some things that I noticed during last year:  Some I discovered this year.

The Israel Calendar: 5768/69 our 2008/09

1968/69 I was in Kindergarten

In Repeated Calendar Year:
The Jewish holidays were different.

I was not born yet.
But one of my brother Ronnie was.

I was in the first grade.
I about cut off my finger cutting grass.
—It was during school time.

I entered my Senior year at Central High School.
I got my first perm.
I wore make up for the first time.
I made a trip to Souix City Iowa and Yankton, South Dakota, October 30 – 31/ November 1.
I missed 1/2 day of school which was the only day I missed in high school
I was interested in my family history.
I learned that our family surname was spelled different.
I learned that my Great Grandpa, Isaac fought in the Civil War.

One of my sister in law, Nancy passed away after
giving birth to here son, Marcus 35 days before.
I started to prayer more.
I helped watch my nephew, Marcus who’s mother passed away.
My mother become ill the night before her grandson, Marcus was born.

I went on a 10 day journey to Israel with some members from Word Of Life Church.
I was the maid of honor at my sister, Freda’s wedding; 3 days after coming back from Israel.
I was apart of a 2nd live album on the WOLC worship team.
There was a change in me that year.

On the journey with Jesus 26th year
WOLC has been on Riverside and cook for 13 years.
I’ve been attending church for 16 years.
Sweet 16 / Time in a new season

The Year Of Changes: 2009.
I rededicated my life back to Jesus on March 25th.
The United States in a recession
I started writing more poems.
I researched more of family history.
We planted our first garden.
On A New Road To HOPE.

On My Journey :
Common Things: Repeated Calendar Years

How interesting to know.

2009/2010 Jewish Calendar: 5769 / 5770
Jewish New Year September 18, 2009 at sundown.


Repost: Saturday, 05  September 2009
Thanks for reading some of my thoughts.
God bless you.
The Jewish New Year is in October 2016.


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