Remembering Dates

Some of my friends tell me that I have a good memory. Yeah, for the things that I want to remember… I have a lot of dates in my head… I do family history research and dates are unique to me. When I tend to hear some things about some people I know, I try to remember some things about them.

I reminded a friend today that someone that she knows, birthday is on the 25th of April. She was glad that I reminded her. [The 25th of April is a special date for me too.] After I told my friend that…I told her that I have been accumulating a lot of dates over the years. I was getting some of those days mixed up. Who’s who?

So later on, I thought to write the dates all down. So I got out a calendar and I wrote down all the birthdays, anniversaries and special dates of what I recall… off the top of my head. Then I went back over the months, one by one. I was amazed that I recalled all those days.

I came back to the month of April and looked at all the days. I realized that I forgot about cyndymac’s [and Bob’s] wedding anniversary on the 15th of April. Happy Belated Anniversary Greetings! Yours is a new one on my list… My list keeps growing and growing over the years…[I know some of our dogs’ birthdays.]

For the month of April, I have counted so far…
21 Natural Birthdays,

3 Spiritual Birthdays,

4 Wedding Anniversaries

3 Misc. Special Date Happenings, that are not mine.

I am making new discoveries as I am going along in life… So many dates, I thank God that for the idea of writing them down on a calendar. I hope I don’t misplace this one.

As I was finishing up this blog…I had more dates that.

Thanks for reading my notes from Tuesday, 24 April 2007
Remembering Dates.
God bless you.

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