My Story: On The Journey With Jesus And The Community @WOLC

I was born, the 19th child of my parents, their 4th daughter.  I grew up in the shadows of my parents and siblings. God blessed me with the family, He assigned me to.

In my upbringing: I was shy and didn’t talk much. I had a low self esteem.  I was teased a lot and made fun of. That made me think,  something was wrong with me.  I felt left out of things.

I heard about Jesus from my Baptist family members. I didn’t grew up in church. I felt like I didn’t belong or fit in. And I didn’t want to go because I didn’t like to dress up.

During my teen years,  I was learning the difference from right and wrong. I had desires. I wanted to know more about Jesus. I watched religious programs on T.V. with some of my family members. I was interested in Jesus stories and true stories.

I was slowly was breaking out from my shyness. But, still I was quiet. I didn’t go to church. But, I gave my life to Jesus two weeks before my 20th birthday.

I can’t recall when I started praying. I would speak to God about my worries, frustrations and etc. I thought that it was my fault that I couldn’t hear correctly. I was missing out in life.

I believe that God hears our prayers. I would hear an inner voice … This voice gave me revelation of things, I didn’t know. This was very comforting. I was very encouraged by it.

 As I grew in the LORD, I grew in wisdom. I was changing. My sister, Freda invited me to come to WOLC. And on September 17, 1993,  I felt the presence of God there. Jesus made Himself known to me.  He touched me and awaken my spirit. And what I experienced on my first visit, was what I was searching for. I wanted to know more about Jesus.

 As I look back on my journey from where I came from, It’s amazing.
There were times when I thought that I wasn’t saved.
There were times, I would wonder, if I belong or if I fit in at WOLC.
There were things I can’t explain, happened to me.
But, through the challenges, struggles and joyful times in life,
God drew me closer to Himself. Thank You, Jesus!
And He continue to work on me and so I keep pressing on with Him.
 I continue to listen to the inner voice that’s leading me to follow Jesus. God is with me; guiding me through family matters, my issues with Lupus and with  whatever comes my way.

I see the importance of being a part of a local church community. I’ve learned whatever season I’m in, I should be thankful for being connected with the body of Christ. It’s a shelter from the storms in life.

Through the years, I’ve met a lot of beautiful people and friends:  Being a member of WOLC has challenged my thinking and enriched my life. I’m less shy than I was back in the days. And I’m pressing on into what God has set before me.

I’m being transformed through the Word of God.
I’m experiencing the presence of God.
I’m learning to be present in the moment while on the journey.
I’m thankful that Christ is all around us wherever we go.

I see myself as God’s love child, the expression of God’s love to the world.
I wasn’t born by accident.
I’m thankful that God blessed me with a family and church family.

Thank you, Word Of Life Church for asking the congregation and listeners to share some of our stories. Thank You for the opportunity to be witnesses for the glory of God, Jesus, our LORD at WOLC Community.

Happy 35th Anniversary!
God Bless!

Staying on the Journey with Jesus.

Susan A. Blakley
WOLC since Sept / Oct 17, 1993


About Susan

Follower of Jesus Christ, Worshiper, Caregiver, Love Searching Family History, Lupus Warrior: On Twitter , Facebook ~ Journal on Xanga under the username of Journaling_Susan
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