Someone You Got To Meet: What An Honor!

Question for Week 26 ~Someone You got to meet.
( I added some people who I got to meet. )

We all have the honor to meet many people on our journey.  We should  thank God for the people who have left an impact on us. What a blessing!

I’m blessed to I’ve met (and continue to meet) many ordinary down to earth people. Also, I’ve met some people who have been on T.V. Wow!

When I was in the 5th grade, the teacher gave us an assignment to write to a famous person. I choose to write to Susan Blakely, the actress / model. And she wrote me back an autograph photo on a postcard. Yes, there are some people spell my surname Blakely.

I never thought that I would never meet Susan Blakely. However, in March of 1992, I got to meet her in person in my hometown.  I think it was a God thing. It was cool!   She was the first famous person I’ve met face to face.

I’ve met  a few of the members of the K.C. Chiefs in person about 10  to 15 years ago.  I got some of their autographs. I’m thankful that they came to my hometown.  It’s good to have a city connection.

There are a group of young men from my hometown who made it to the NFL. I’m proud of all of them. One night there was a gathering to honor them. They spoke about their career in the NFL. The group of guys were called the “Sensational Six”.

I sat and listen to their testimonies. Their ages were from 20’s to 40’s. What they have accomplished and what they are doing now, is amazing. They lived out their dreams.

After they spoke, each one had a room where we could talk to them and get their autographs. I followed one of them since day one of his NFL career. It was a joy to see him on the field. Yes, I’m proud of my nephew. He was #85 on the Atlanta Falcons. He continues to speak to encourage the youth.

Everyone  is special. We should show respect everyone in whom we meet. Whether if it’s our family members, friends and prefect strangers, we all have something to offer one another. Honor and respect is important. God has given us one another.

May we be respectful to one another.
May we show honor when honor is due.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

The rich  and  the poor meet  together; the LORD is the Maker of them all.
~  Proverbs 22:2


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