While On The Journey To N. E. Riverside Road

My view home from N.E. Riverside

I‘ve been on the journey to North East Riverside Road since February / March of 1996. I don’t know how many times I’ve made it there and back.  However, its been an adventure in the making. And it’s been a well road traveled.

In my early years, I never thought of going down by the riverside.  I recall riding by that area and Horseshoe Lake. I do recall  August of 1993, the flood waters on that road. The place looked like a lake.

Through the years, I had a reason to  journey to riverside. The church that I attended was built there.  Back then, it felt this place was out of nowhere. It felt like forever to get there.

The first gathering was on the last weekend in March of 1996. It was long in the waiting. The memories are still there. The road was a rocky and dusty. I was happy to be there.

I’ve seen a lot on the journey. I witness the landscape changes. The road was paved and widen in some areas. A  soccer field and a private school with a football field were built. The scenery blended in with the farmers’ fields.

We would find dead animals along the road side. God’s creatures running on the land. Though the years, there were accidents. There were some deaths. That’s so sad.

There is one cross by the soccer field by a pole. And some near on sign by Word Of Life Church campus near a pole. Those reminders of the ones who loss their lives. It’s so horrible to hear how their lives were loss.

The View on the way to Word Of Life Church in MO.

The journey to N.E. Riverside has many memories for me. I don’t travel much there since the Summer months of 2017.  I’m thankful that I can make the journey there and back.

Every time when I travel to riverside, I look to see what I can see. I look up into the sky. I see how the land looks. If there is anyone playing soccer or if running around the track of the football field. I look to see how the fields are growing.

I hope that you have memories to the place where your journey on a regular basis.  Enjoy the journey where you’re going. Amen!

Happy July!

May the LORD protect us on our journey to where we are headed.
May we be careful and watch out for others.
God bless you.

 Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

(LORD) You make known to me the path of life;  in your presence there is fullness of joy;  at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. ~ Psalm 16: 11 


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