My Book Of Remembrance: 18 Years


 And counting…

It’s been 18 years since I begin my Book Of Remembrance on July 17, 1999. I got this idea from watching  a message by Joyce Meyer. It’s a record of some of the good things that God has done in my life.

From time to time, I review what I’ve written. God has done many great things in my life. I’m thankful for my book of remembrance. There are times, I laugh when I read it.  I even misplaced my booklet and forgot to write something down.

However, through the years, I have made a note to record things about my life.  I did go back and filled in the missing days and times. I’m doing my best to record daily.

I think is a good practice to reflect over what I’ve written. I search for my special days. I have come across things that I forgotten about. I’m thankful for my journey with Jesus.

I’ve seen some things that has surprised me. I can’t read my own handwriting. LoL.  But, I see that God’s goodness and mercy is following me all the days of my life.

May we learn to record the goodness of God and reflect back on them.
May we have a book of remembrance to leave as a legacy.

I’m on My Journey Of Transformation: I  will continue to record in my Book Of Remembrance: I’ m at 18 Years and counting.  My first Book Of Remembrance goes to December 2017.  I have to start a new one on January 1, 2018. LORD knows how long that book will be.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you,
S.A. Blakley

Oh, LORD,  I’m so thankful for all  that You have done and continue to do in my  life and  others.  Thank You!  Thank You! THANK YOU! Amen.

“Then those who feared the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord paid attention and heard them, and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the Lord and esteemed his name.”  Malachi 3:16


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Follower of Jesus Christ, Worshiper, Caregiver, Love Searching Family History, Lupus Warrior: On Twitter , Facebook ~ Journal on Xanga under the username of Journaling_Susan
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