Your Favorite Memory: One of Mine Is, While I Was Reading The Bible

The 29th Week  of Gratitude: Your Favorite Memory ~

I’ve been thinking about my good memories.  Oh! How beautiful! As I reflected back, I can see the hand of God touching me on my journey. I’m thankful for  those encounters I have with God. Thank You, Lord Jesus!

 One of my favorite  memories:
I remember when I was wanting to go to Israel.  I thought about it and thought about it and even spoke to God about it. My mind was on the going journey to Israel.  My sister had gone in November of 1996 with the church. I prayed for them that year.

I’ve been attending church for five years.  In 1997,  I attended a women’s meeting at church.  The guest speaker was walking around and was prophesying  over some of us. She spoke to me.  She asked me, if I had a passport. I said, I didn’t.  She suggested that I get one.

As time went on, there were ladies asking me if I got my passport. And if I was I saving up money to go to Israel. This could be why I had a desire to go. I had a longing to go to Israel. It was on my mind so much.

On April 7, 1997, I felt that the Holy Spirit was leading me to read the Book of Romans. I started that night.  I couldn’t read it all. But, the next morning I pick up to where I left off. I was up to chapter 14. I read this on my 35th birthday.

As I was reading about Paul going to Spain, I told God that I wanted to go to Israel. I continue to read.  And these 5 words that catch my attention  from Romans 14:25  ….but, now I am going to Jerusalem … those words came alive to me.  They weren’t just words on the page. My spirit knew something that my mind could comprehend.

I felt the joy of the LORD upon me. I believe that God wanted to see the words. I was so amazed. I WAS GOING TO ISRAEL!  I kept this to myself for about a few months. Every thing had to fall into place. It had to be a miracle to make this all happen.  I wanted to prepare myself for the journey.

While I was preparing to go to Israel in November of 1998, I had to make up my mind for sure that I was going in 1997.  I got a word from God. And I wasn’t going to let go.

I asked people what I needed to do? And what I need to take? There would be a lot of walking. I had to learn to eat other foods. I never been on an airplane. I have never been out the country.

I had a lot of conformation that I was headed to Israel.  I had my mother’s blessings. I found a letter holder with the name Jerusalem on both sides. I saw a license plate with IZREAL about a few days before I was to leave.

Yes, I was headed to Israel in 1998. It wasn’t until about 24 hours before I was to board the plane that I realized that I was actuallyy going.  There was someone trying to talk me out of going.  I told that person that it was my time to go.

I did make the journey.  It was 18 month in the  making from the time I read those 5 words in Romans 14::25. And it came to pass. Thank You, Jesus!!  I had a wonderful adventure in the Holy Land. I will share more on my journey and Jerusalem in another blog.

“But now I am going to Jerusalem to minister to the saints. ”
Romans 14:25 (NKJV)

May we thank God for memories that He plants in our hearts.
May we enjoy the journey the best way we know how.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.


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