A City I Visited ~

 The 32nd Week of Graditude~ A City I Visited ~ I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to journey to Israel.  I’m thankful for all the wonderful memories of a life time. I had no fear as I was in Israel.

I’m thankful for the cities that I have visited over my lifetime. I enjoyed visiting Yankton, S D,  Chicago, Il, Canton, MO, St. Paul, MN, St. Louis, MO, St. Joseph, IA, Sioux City, IA,  , Elwood, KS, Troy, KS,  Kansas City, KS, Omaha , NE, Kansas City, MO, Cincinnati OH, Tel Aviv, Israel, Capharnaum , Caesarea, Jerusalem, Israel, Atlanta, GA, and the list goes on…

And I so longed to visit Jerusalem in 1997.  The dream came to pass on Thursday, Nov 19, 1998. I was there until Nov 25, 1998.  It was a journey of a lifetime. I may look like a tourist in the photo but, I was exploring and discovering things on my pilgrims journey.

I have great memories of being in Jerusalem. The moments we arrived to the City, My first Supper and Last Supper, The night walk to Calvary’s Hill, the walk to the Old City, The Great Wall, The Temple Mount, The Garden Tomb, the list goes on.

I cried the moments as the bus was going up to Jerusalem. I couldn’t control myself. I cried all the way to the hotel. I was seeing my dream came true. And throughout my stay, I enjoyed Jerusalem.

I’m truly thankful that the door was open for me in 1998.  I took the opportunity.  I had the peace that I need to go then. Thank You, Jesus!

As I reflect back over the last night that I was in Jerusalem on Nov 25, 1998, I sensed that it was my last Supper in Jerusalem. There was something I felt. I cried in my bed the night that we were going head back  home to the US.  I stayed up the whole journey home.

The year 2018 will be the 20th anniversary since my journey of a lifetime. A group from the church is going. I was asked by some friends if I was going.  I said “No”.  But, I will be praying for them.

I had longed to return to Jerusalem since 1998. But, the longing has eased through the years. There was a part of me wants to return. But, I have no peace to follow through in returning. I will always have memories of my journey.

May we enjoy the journey to where we are headed.
May we celebrate our mile markers.
May we see the beauty that surrounds us on our journey.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.


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