On The Journey #SpeakingOfLupus I’ve been reading some of my #Lupus blogs. God is with me on the journey.

This blog was posted on July 24, 2007.

  • Biopsy Issues

         The day was Tuesday the 24th of July 2001. The day that I had to have my first kidney biopsy. I had been referred from doctor to doctor to doctor to doctor to doctor to doctor to doctor trying to find out what was going on with me. Seriously, I was going through something. But What?

    For a while I notice that something was going on with in me. My left foot was giving me trouble back in June of 1998. It felt like I had a splinter in it. I had had trouble with my feet, ankles, arms and knees joints during the late 1980’s.

    I would be in pain if I turned the wrong way. I had to be careful at what I did. Some of the symptoms went away for a while but began to return as the years went by.

    Then came the late 1990’s. I had a lot more pain in my joints especially when I was in the cold temperature. I am speaking of air condition too.  As for my left foot, the skin on my foot looked died. It looked wrinkled like a raisin. I could describe this area tight looking in appearance.

    Other discomfort that I had were swollen ankles and part of my legs. I could not wear socks. My feet were so swollen I had to wear wide shoes. I had trouble breathing when I would walk a short distant.

    So I started to walk very very slow to get here I wanted to go. I can recall that I had pain in my joints back in April of 2001. Then all the other things started to fall in afterward by Summer of 2001.

    There came at point in my life where I recall, off and on in the year 2000,  I had pain to where I could not sleep.  I thought it was the bed that I was sleeping in. So I thought nothing of it until I had to start sleeping in a recliner for about 6 months. I was in pain when I laid down and slept.So I had to be careful how I slept.

    Then the days came to when I went to all those doctors. The doctors visits all came about from May of 2001 – July of 2001. I think that there were about 7 doctors in all.

    I went to a foot doctor who did not find anything wrong with my foot. He could not understand why my foot was turning black. Neither did the other doctors that saw me.

    The foot doctor referred me to a doctor that was a specialist in arteries of the feet and legs. It was this doctor that notice something very serious about my health issue. I needed medical attention. He did not charge me for the the office visit. I believe that he cared about me.

    This doctor had alerted me to go to another doctor. Within days I got connected with another specialist who order many many lab and blood work weekly. The testing went on for about three weeks. This doctor told me what he thought was going on with me.

    Finally, I arrived at the kidney doctor’s office.  When I first met him he ask me why was I where? I wondered the same thing. Why was I doing there? He did some test too.

    Looking over the other doctors’ information that they gathered and so forth. Asking me questions as the last doctors had done… Through all the lab and blood work to next step was leading to have a kidney biopsy.

    That day came on Tuesday the 24th of July 2001. I had to be at the hospital about 5 AM. This was the very first time I have ever done anything like this.  I had to check in and so forth…spending time in hospital to have surgery. I did all that was required of me. I could not eat anything the night before.

    My two sisters were with me waiting in the waiting room, waiting for my name to be called. The surgery was set for the 7 AM hour. Time went by and then a person came to explaining to me about what was going on.

    I have not stayed in a hospital since the day that I about cut off my finger in the early 1970’s. I was only in the emergence room. That was my first time too.

    Back to my testimony… The lady was explaining to me why I have not been called to surgery. The doctor was in Chillichothe, MO. He was not running late. He did not know that I was on his list that morning for surgery.

    Somehow there was a mix up. So, I had to wait until he came. I kept my joy. I had peace about waiting for the doctor. I had to have this biopsy. Yeah, I was praying during the waiting hours. The LORD was with me.

    It was about 9:30 AM when I was called to go and get ready for surgery. Surgery time came about 10 AM. The doctor explained the procedure and so forth.

    I had to lay flat on my stomach so that the doctor could locate one of my kidneys. He needed to take samples tissues from one of my kidneys.

    This procedure took awhile. The doctor had to determine which kidney to take the tissues from. I had trouble laying down. Let alone holding my breath for a few seconds when it came time for the doctor to insert the long needle into my kidney.

    I cannot recall how many times he did that. But I prayed that he got what he needed when he did it. And he did.

    What was next?…the recovery time. It was from about 10:30 AM to the 2 PM hour. I had this machine on my arm taking my blood pressure about every 15-30 minutes. I recall asking when can I eat? I did not have anything since 7 PM the night before. Yeah, I was fasting too.

    Then it can came time for me to have to use the bath room. The person who was assigned to me told me that I could not get out of bed. That I needed to use the bed pan.

    I told that lady that I am going to the bathroom. I got up out of bed and walk to the bathroom. I was sore too.  But I made it back and ate my food.

    I have had a very long day that day. What in the world was on my mind during those last few hours after I had surgery. I want to go home! I had manage to get checked out of the hospital.

    The ride home from the hospital was about 15 minutes. We got home by 5 PM. My brothers were home having pizza. I was on a very low sodium diet about of the fluid that was on my body.

    The results of the test would come back in about a week. I had to wait for the report. Meanwhile I went about my life. I kept seeking the Lord and believing that what ever happens the Lord is with me.

    I went to choir rehearsal two days later. Yeah, I went to Friday night church and sung in the choir. But what was so amazing about choir rehearsal was that we were learning a new song. “This Is The Air I Breathe.”

    I came into the sanctuary where Pastor Eric and the band where practicing. Pastor Eric was singing “This is the air I breathe” over and over and over.

    I was learning the song as Pastor Eric was singing it. But when there was a pause in the song, I heard a voice say “breathe.” It took me off guard. The voice was very calm. It was not Pastor Eric’s. I thought of hearing the word BREATHE.

    This brought back to my thinking while I had my kidney biopsy. The lady had to tell me to hold my breath and when to breathe. When I was hearing “the voice” again say breathe.

    That was comfort to me. That song was ministering to me. We sung the song that Friday night. Every time we sung that song it was ministering to me.

    I will share with you more on this testimony next week. If you have been following my blogs, you probably are sensing where I am heading up to. Yeah, I had more than one kidney biopsy on April 13, 2004. I made it through that one also.

    I have learned a great deal with my kidney biopsy issues in my life. They were life changing issues for me. My belief in Jesus comforted my journey. Also, I have come up with this thought. God is with me every breathe I take.

    I pray that what we share of our experiences can encourage others. May we have the spirit to keep on going keeping on through the issues of life. May we have the attitude that God is with us every step of the way.

    God is there in the doctor’s office or where ever we may be in our life’s journey. He hears what we hear. God is right beside us, going through what we are going through. He can relate with what ever our issue may be. Amen!

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