Preparing For Easter 2019

WOLCUpper Room

I’ve been on the Lenten Journey. I’ve been preparing for the Easter season. The Unvarnished Discussion Groups on Wednesdays have ended. We had some interesting topics.  Our last question for the session was. What is one thing that you can do this week to draw near to Jesus in His suffering and death?

What have I  been doing? 

Acknowledging Jesus: Being in His presence:
Thinking about Him: Reading scriptures
Sitting with Jesus where I am, in the Upper Room and in gatherings.
Praying / Meditating on the 14 Stations in the Upper Room and at home
Reading Lenten scriptures / Listening to videos.
Focusing on the cross

Gathering with the church as much as I can during Holy Week
Hearing the stories of what Jesus went through on day by day accounts.
What the Bible says He did during His final week on earth before His crucifixion

Thanks for reading.
God Bless You.
S.A. Blakley

Luke 19:28-40
Sermon Discussion Questions: April 14, 2019
Behold Your King message by Pastor Brian Zahnd

There were nine questions. I shared the ninth one.
Below are all the discussions questions in the series. via Word of Life Church.

March 10, 2019:  Jesus and the Devil’s Good Ideas

March 17, 2019: What Was Jesus’ Goal? 

March 24, 2019: The Apocalyptic Christ 

March 31, 2019: Jesus and The Homecoming 

April 7, 2019: The Fragrance of Pure Worship 

April 14, 2019: Behold Your King 

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