Ending Of Lent: Some Needs Come To An End

It’s been an experience traveling with Jesus during this 2019 Lenten Journey.  There have been some things that I have died to and let go of. Though there are some things that are no longer are a part of my journey, I have those reminders that they are still there.  However, the desires had have lesson or have little to no effect on me now.

What needs to come to an end in your life during this season of Lent?

I can’t recall how long I’ve been observing the Lenten Season. It was around 2002 when I joined a lent journey  site online. It was interesting. However, I  didn’t participate with the locate church until years later. I can’t recall that year. Through the years, I have more of an understanding of what Lent is about.

Now, year after year, I join in the journey with the church. This time, I’ve decided to end some things for the good of it.  Why do we  give up things during lent and pick it back up after the season has ended? And do the same things year after year?

Well! I’ve decided to give up soda pop for good. Over the past season of Lent, I’ve fasted pop, donuts, cookies, watching less TV, less of the internet, less use of cellphone and so forth etc… Why not let go of the things we know that are not good for us?

I’ve been tempted to drink soda this week. However, I have no desire for it. And at one time I like coffee.  I use to drink it off and on. I got tired of the headaches. So, I decide to stop drinking coffee altogether. Every now and then, I’ll walk down the aisles in the store and smell the temptation of coffee.  It smells good! But, I still say no to coffee!

I have other personal things that I have let go of.  There were some things I didn’t have a choice. And there are some thing, I have no longer have interest in.  I’m doing things that I love doing that brings life to my spirit and soul.

I’ve learned that seasons come and go for a purpose. When a season has to end, I have to move on and believe that God will lead me into the next one. He has gone before me… I have to follow His leading. LORD, help me Jesus to keep following after You and not the crowd.

Until the season of Lent 2020 comes, I’m resting and laying down those things that I no longer need. What will I let go in Lent 2020? I don’t know. But, I will when the time comes. The LORD is working on me. Save me some more LORD. Amen!

Thanks for reading.
God Bless you.
S. A. Blakley

From Sermon Discussion: March 24, 2019
The Apocalyptic Christ message by Pastor Brian Zahnd

There were 9 questions, I shared the first two one another post.

9. What needs to come to an end in your life during this season of lent?
I approached the question in another way.

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