In Loving Memory of Julia Finney White

Mrs. Julia / Julian (FINNEY) WHITE was born into slavery around 1820 to 1823 in VA. Her parents were born in VA. Her slave owners Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY and her husband John BLAKEY came from Orange and Middlesex County VA. Oral history states that Julia and her children came from Africa around 1843 to New Orleans.

The year of Julia’s death is unknown. She was counted on the 1880 census. Oral History states that she died and was buried in Forest Green, MO. The cemetery is near the First Baptist Church in Forest Green, MO.

Julia was listed on a census by others who carried the WHITE surname. They could have been related. There was an Andrew White that lived next door to Julia White.
In Howard County MO on the 1880 Census record.

There was an Andrew White Next door to Julia White in 1880.
Isaac White born abt 1800 Virginia (Self) (Head).
Andrew White born abt 1850 Missouri (Son).
Laura White born abt 1855 Missouri (Andrew’s Wife).
Mariah White born abt 1874 Missouri (Daughter).
July A. White born abt 1876 Missouri (Daughter).
Isaac White born abt 1878 Missouri (Son)

Bio rewritten 12 April 2019
By S.A. Blakley.

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