The Last Weekend of August

Happy Weekend!

It’s day 241 of 2014!
It’s the last weekend of August.
That means, it’s Labor Day Weekend!

We made it through the heat wave.
It cool down came. Thanking God for the rain.

Hope that all is coming along with you.
It’s been a long but good Summer.
It’s coming to a close next month.

I came across people who don’t want Summer to end.
Summer has to go some time.
We have to go with the season as they come.
Summer will have to leave when the time is up.

I’m looking forward to the changing of the seasons.
Such beauty comes during the early Autumn season.

May we make the most of the seasons that we are in.
May the Lord keep us from harm as the seasons come and go.

Thanks for reading.


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The Dream

It’s the 240th Day of 2014.

I was a child in August of 1963. I looked back over what came out of the year that I was born. There were a lot of happenings. Here is one video I have been watching and listen to very year on this day. I Have A Dream by Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

While I watch this video. I think about things:
I can see some things differently…
The dream is still a dream…

I have a ways to go.

May we let freedom ring in the world that we live.
May we let our light shine
May the Lord heal our land.

May we all be able to say…
Free at last Free at last
Thank God Almighty
We are free at last.

Thanks for reading.

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The Goodness Of Things

Happy 239th Day of 2014!

Summer returned last week. I’m not complaining.
I can say it’s been a good Summer.

The garden has produced more than last year.
The grass is not as brown. We had a lot of rain.

I’m making the most of what’s left of Summertime.
It didn’t seem like we had much of Summertime weather.

The things that come with the season came….
We didn’t have many tornado watches or warnings.
Thank God.

I’m thankful for the goodness of things. Those things that matter.
Those things that God gives us freely. So thankful.

We should be thankful for the things in our lives.
The good of having blessings from God. We should be thankful.

May the Lord help us to be more thankful for what we have.
May we be a blessing to those around us.
May the Lord grant us wisdom to use what we have for the glory of His name.

Thanks for reading.

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Exploring New Things

Happy 238th Day of 2014!

Exploring New Things

by S.A. Blakley

Great timing today Awaken inside
Turning some pages Moving deep and wide

Exploring new thing Discovering too
A breath of fresh air Getting onward through

Things I haven’t thought Coming near my way
Been hoping, praying That this wouldn’t stay

Awaken inside From where I’ve to come
Some changes inside That has left me some

Peace and confidence Moving deep and wide
Great timing today Awaken inside

Moving deep and wide Turning some pages
Exploring new things Moving on with ages

Thanks for reading Poem #2006

Idea on 3 Feb 2013 on edge of bed at 10:34 PM
Re read and made some changes on 20 March 2013
and August 13, 2014

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Moving On Into The Journey

The 237th day of 2014;

I’m looking forward to September. Meanwhile I’m pressing on through August. It’s been a long month. Thankful that the Lord is with us. I’m moving on into the journey with Jesus.

I marked a milestone on facebook. I been there for six years since August 24th. Boy, how facebook changed. I have 605 friends on facebook. About 13 or 14 have deactivated their accounts. And 4 friends have passed on.

I hope all are doing okay. I hear news of people being shot at and killed. Some much going on. I saw in the news about flooding in AZ. Now, the earthquake in California. News after news after news.

I pray for the peace of God. We need PEACE!
I pray for protection and safety.
May the Lord lead us and guide us from harm.

Hope all enjoy the last full week of August.

Thanks for reading.

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Being Gathered Together In Unity

Happy 236th Day of 2014!

Prayer for the week of August 24 – 30. 2014

Grant, O merciful God, that your Church, being gathered together in unity by your Holy Spirit, may show forth your power among all peoples, to the glory of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

via The Book Of Common Prayer

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Less Journaling

Happy 230th Day of 2014!

I notice that I’ve been journaling less. I need to get back in the swing of journaling. I see a lot of good in writing. I still continues to write a poem a day. Well, I begin one. I have been having trouble finishing my poems.

I have to make some time to journal. There are times when I can sit down and type away. I have so many ideas to journal about. Then there are times when I’m not in the journaling mode.

May we set aside time to journal.
May the Lord grant us ideas to share as we blog.

Thanks for reading.

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