Reflecting On My #ChurchLife Journey

I’m on the church life journey.  I began in September of 1993.  I was invited to a Baptist Church on Sunday, September 12, 1993.  And during that week, on Friday, September 17th, I went to another church.

Now, it’s been 24 1/2 years since then. I’ve been reflecting over and pausing back on my journey. God has been with me through thick and thin. Thank You, Jesus! I’ve come a long ways. And I have much more ways to go. Indeed, I’m  sticking with Jesus and His church.

I didn’t officially become a member of a church until Sunday, October 17 1993. I’m a Word of Lifer.  Back in 1993, I knew that I needed be a part of some church. It took me a while to get there. I’m thankful for all the people in whom, I’ve had an opportunity to cross paths with.

I believe in divine appointments.
God is good.
I’m lost without Him.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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On The Journey With Jesus: Celebrating 35 Years

 It’s been a long journey since that Last Friday, 35 years ago on March the 25th. It falls on a Palm Sunday this year. Thank You, LORD!

I said, my I do to Jesus on that day.  And today,  I’ll say it again. I do…no turning back, no turning back. I’m following Jesus and staying on the journey with  Him.

Thanks for reading.
Happy Holy Week!
Everyday is Holy!
Enter in.
Enjoy today as it is present, gift from God.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley


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How Did You Do And Feel?

The 9th Week of Gratitude ~ How Did You Do And Feel? ~ I’m thankful for the good that I do and the goodness in what I feel.  May the LORD help us through what we go through in our lives.

How did I do? I try not to think too long on what I do. I don’t know how I did on some things. I try focus on doing good. I do what I can do. I do the best with what I have in the present moments that I have. Actually, I try not the grade myself on how I do things.

How did I feel? Feelings come and go. When I’m joyful, I can be at my best. I live in the moment. When I’m down in out, I try to do things that lift me up. I talk to God. And I love searching for my family connections.

Thanks for reading.
God Bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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Expressing Gratitude To 3 People

The 8th Week of Gratitude: ~ Expressing Gratitude To 3 People ~

Who I express Gratitude to?  I’m thankful for the people in Whom God has allowed to be in my pathway during my lifetime. I’ve met a lot of  people. Many have inspired me and left an impact on my life.

I’m thankful for….

People who are grateful. They care about matters in life and see the good.  I’ve come across a selective group of people in whom are thankful  for what people do for them. It’s  out of the heart of gratitude. They have a generosity about them. Thank God for thankful people.

 People who are not  as grateful.  This has made me be more thankfulAt some point in life, it’s sad when we continue to give to people and do not return appreciation  in return.

I’ve come across people who aren’t thankful. I have a choose to do things for them.  Every so often, I might hear or receive a thank you. Other than that, it’s like what I do, doesn’t mean anything to them. What we do and don’t do leaves an impression.

People who do me good and remember me. It’s a beautiful thing when people do good to one another.  I’ve made it a choose to thank people for the simplest things. Being thankful for all things in a set time and to give others an appreciation. It’s a good thing.

Being thought of is a blessing.  I’m thankful that God places others on our thoughts. And that people tell others that they are thinking about them.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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A Friend 1

The 7th Week of Gratitude: ~ A Friend 1 ~

I’m thankful for my friends.
I’ve crossed paths with many people.
Who is my number one friend?
He’s name is Jesus!

Who is A true Friend?
a person who see the good in you and encourages you.
a person who sees your weakness and not condemns you.
a person who lets you be who you are and not make you feel out-of-place.
a person who can correct you in love.
a person who forgives and works things out.
a person who is with you throughout life no matter what.
a person who stands by you and the good and in sad times.
a person who will look out for you…

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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The City You Live In

The 6th Week of Gratitude: The City You Live In ~

I’m thankful for the city where I dwell. I  live in the City where the Pony Express began and  Jesse James ended.  It’s my hometown. It’s where I came into this world. I’ve lived there all my life. And someday it will be the place where I’ll be laid to rest.

What’s special about this city? For me, it’s the place where some of my ancestors lived prior to the 1860’s. My Great Grandmother, Anna was born June in 1867. And some of my early ancestors were buried here.

It a city of 76,472 in 2016.  A lot of known people are connected to this city.  The City has changed since my up bringing.  Them days are long gone.

The Kansas City Chiefs training Camp is located in this City since 2010.  Trails West Festival , The Pony Express Museum

I have a lot of memories of my hometown.
It’s apart of my history.
Jo Town, MO is where I’m from.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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Something Someone Gave You

The 5th Week of Gratitude: Something Someone Gave You. ~

As I was thinking about some of the things that people have given me, I was reminded of the precious gift that God has given me. The gift of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. I’m truly grateful for Jesus!

Jesus is the best gift a person can ever receive. He’s my life and my all in all. My LORD and Savior and more than I can ever imagine. The gift of life isn’t cheat. Jesus is priceless. He can’t be bought.

I first received the gift of life that God offered me on Friday, March 25, 1983. It was two weeks before my twenty birthday. I knew I needed Jesus in my life. I called upon the LORD. I’ve been with Him on this journey ever since. I continue to call upon Jesus to save me everyday.

This gift of Life is eternal is forever. I know that no gift on earth will ever last that long. I’m thankful for the good things I’ve been given through the years. Indeed,  I’m a blessed woman.

I hope that you have excepted and received the gift of eternal life. And that the LORD will guide you on your journey with Him. Jesus is waiting for those to call upon Him. He heard me. And I call out to Him every day. Thank You, Jesus!

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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