Greetings! Welcome to the Month of May! ~ Happy 6th Sunday of Easter! ~ Such Good Things

O God, you have prepared for those who love you such good things as surpass our understanding: Pour into our hearts such love towards you, that we, loving you in all things and above all things, may obtain your promises, which exceed all that we can desire; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

via The Book Of Common Prayer

Thanks for praying.

Have A Happy Month of May!
Those Spring showers have brought us may flowers.

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Ending of April Brings New Beginnings: Oh! LORD, lead me by Your way

 It’s been a journey well worth traveling. Oh, what a life!  I feel as though I’m in a new season. Some things have been changing. Thank You, Jesus for being with me.

I’m making the most of each day. Each day is a fresh start and a new beginning. I thank God for His goodness and His mercy that’s following us all the days of our lives. Amen!

Some Thoughts:
I’ve been thinking about some of my good and sad moments that I’ve had in April. Over my journey, I have had my shares. Thankful that God is always with me.

I think that best of my April days as far, fell on my birthday. On April 8, 1997, I was reading in the Book of Romans. I was reading the words…”But, now I am going to Jerusalem…” I believe that the Spirit of the LORD spoke to me that I was going to Jerusalem.  I set my mind to go to Israel. I arrived in Jerusalem 18 months later.

The saddest day fell upon April 1, 2000. That was the time my mother passed. I can say the first half of the month was the hardest. I did make it through those days. God is faithful. He saw us through.

There was some good that came out of this April 2016.  I do believe! The place where I planted in,  has been changes. I’m aware that I’ve been missing out on  some things in life. I’m thankful that God has been leading me in a new direction.

Indeed, April is a month of transition for me. What I’ve learned: I have to set my mind on other things, in order to make room for what’s to come. I don’t know what’s ahead for me. But, I know the One who does. Oh! LORD, lead me by Your way.

May we believe that everything is going to be alright.
May we make the adjustments as we live out our lives.
May we press on, as the Spirit of the LORD guides us in the way that we should go.

Thanks for reading.

I hope everybody had a good ending to month of April.  If not, April is about over. Believe that the month of May will be a come back month for you. Peace and Blessings be upon you on your journey. Amen!

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It’s Been Twenty One Days Since My “Born Day” Celebration: Into My New Year

It’s been three weeks since my birthday. Yes, indeed!  I did enjoy my celebration. Along my journey, I received some surprises. I’m so blessed. I thank God for my life that He has given me.

Now, as I’m into my new year, I’m making new ground. I see things in a new light. It’s like I’m in a new world. Life is a journey.

I’ve been thinking about how April has become a special month for me. Yes, it’s my birthday month. Also, it a month of entering into new things while other things come to an end. I’m pressing on into the process of changes.

I hope that you had a good week. It’s been colder here. It’s like Spring in on Spring break. I’m bundling up Staying warm!

Now, I have my last opportunity to gather with the church for the month of April. Thank God for Friday night gatherings.  What a way to end the weekday.  Thank You, Jesus!

May we continue to celebrate our life.
May we move on with in the season that we are in.
May we make our birthday month, the beginning of a new year.

Thanks for reading.

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What Justice Means To Me

I don’t recall when I understood what the word justice meant. My first recollection of the word was in the U.S. pledge of alliance to the flag. “And justice for all”. But, is this so?

I thought the word meant punishment or play back from wrong doing. But, as I’m growing in years, I’ve been discovering that justice means more than that. It’s making things right in a world gone wrong.

There’s so much in the world that’s not wrong. How can we make a difference with those things that we see that are not right? We can’t solve all the wrongness that comes in life. But, we can do what we can to make things a little better for others.

There are the homeless and people who lack things in life because of situations. The wrong that’s in the wrong needs to be restored. As humanity, we should tend to what to be a helping hand to those who lack. It’s not a hand out to get things for free. But, an act of love for those who are in need.

The world is full of hopeless situations. There are people who are hungry. There are children who are orphans. There are homeless people. And the list goes on. How can justice be in these situations? They need mercy.

What can we do? We can donate and give of our time to help the cause for hungry in our community. We can help service food in food kitchens. Serve in shelters were food are boxed for people. The list goes on and on.

We all can do something to help others receive justice. Some can’t service in food kitchens or help box food for those in need. But, we all can do something.  We need to have a heart to do so.

May the LORD lay things on our hearts to help bring justice to those in need. May we do good to others not only in thoughts but in deeds. May God make what is wrong right in His sight. Amen.

Thanks for reading.

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LORD, Help Us Find Sacred Spaces In Ordinary Places

I’ve been thinking and praying about  “FINDING SACRED SPACES IN ORDINARY PLACES.” Plus, this is an online theme for the month of April for “Quiet Spaces”. The theme for the weeks were….( I wrote down my answers below. )

Week 1:
What makes writing sacred?  For me, I can express my feelings to God. I’m opening up on paper. What I write releases things in me. I can look back on what I’ve asked God about.

 Week 2:
How can writing help you find sacred places in your life?
I know that I can write freer in places where I call my sacred places. I can’t write in the business of the day. But when I’m in a place of “being by myself” I can be free to express myself.

Week 3:
What writing habits suit you best, and how can you connect with God in writing?
  My writing habits? I don’t have a style in writing. I journal. I connect with God in other ways than writing. I’m learning to find my writing habits.

Week 4:
How can you create your own sacred writing space?
I have to be alone  to have my sacred space. That’s hard at time. I use what space that I have when I have it.

I see the April theme: Finding Sacred Spaces In Ordinary Places” as an introduction. I haven’t found my “true” sacred spaces yet. I have had interrupting this month. I believe that I will find my spaces. Besides, I want to.

May we pray to God and ask Him to help us find our sacred spaces. May we get in the habit of writing our thoughts down to God. May we see the good in having our own sacred places to connect with God. Amen.

Thanks for reading.

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Thinking About My Cell Phone: How Things Have Changed Since My 1st One

It took me a while to get my first cell phone. As I look back…it’s been since 1999.  And things have changed since then.  Back than all I could used it for was to make calls.

Now days, there’s so much on the cell phones. It blow my mind when I learned what was on a cell phone. I’m still learning the trade.  It’s so challenging.

Earlier this month, my phone was losing power. I wasn’t on it. I didn’t know what was going on. I found out that I had to remove some apps. I had enough storage.

I hope I don’t need to get a new phone too soon. I haven’t gotten use to this one. I’m holding on to this one. I thank God for cell phones.

Blog “Cell Phone” from Thursday, 19 April 2012

I finally got a new cell phone. I mean, an upgraded cell phone. I have had a cell phone since 1999 or so. It’s been a while.

It was December of 2011, I decided to get a new cell phone. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I’m getting use to my phone.

I’ve learned how to text from my last phone that I had. But I like my new phone much better. It doesn’t take me long to send a text. I have more keys on my new phone. I have unlimited texting.

I can even take picture and record. I can’t do that on my old phone. It feels that I’m in a new world with this phone. I’m not much of a talker on the phone.

I have been learning about my phone. There are things I don’t know. Through time I will catch on. It took me a while to learn to get my phone on silence.

I’m glad that I can get on the internet. I’m happy! I always wanted to get online while I was away from my computer. When I started using my phone, I thought that I’ve been missing on a lot.

Indeed, it’s a completely different world when having a cell phone. Things are so convenience. All that the touch of a button can allow you to talk to someone, take a picture, get online or record some event. Wow!

May we not be afraid to take a chance on things.
May we grow with life’s challenges.
May we not get hook on our cell phones.

Thanks for reading,

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Memories Of Being on The WOLC’s Worship Team

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. Oh, how time has passed me by. On April 25, 1996, I became a member of Word Of Life Church’s worship team. I was so excited that I made the time.  This was my first ministry team that I was on.

Yes, I’ve come a long ways in 20 years. Just think, I didn’t know how to read music. I never sung in a church choir. I had to audition. Singing in front of people was a challenge for me.   Why did I tried out for the choir? I believe that the Spirit of the LORD lead me to. I m thankful that I was chosen.

My choir season lasted  5 years, 9 months, and 11 days. I joined the special choir in Feb of 1996 and then later joined the team on April 25, 1996.  I gave God all the glory while I was there.

My sadness days were the last weekend of being on the team.  I felt a part of me dead that weekend. However, I knew on Dec 2, 2001, I had to keep pressing on with Jesus. I’m so grateful that the LORD has brought me through the years after the choir. ( I did return to the team a few times.  It wasn’t same. No, it wasn’t. But, I’m thankful for that opportunity to be there.)

As I look back over that season in my life, I thank God that He allowed me to be apart of the team. I did learned a lot from my experiences through the years. It was a great challenge for me. I believe that I was shaped and formed during the process.

As for today, I’m still worshiping God with my whole heart. I’m at a different position. I’m facing the platform, the lyrics are on the big screen, there’s no weekly practices and there is no dress code. It’s a lot easier than facing the congregation, memorizing the lyrics my parts as an alto and about an hour 1/2 hour weekly practices.

What did I learn as I was a member of WOLC’s regular choir? I learned more about Jesus and people. I learned respect and how to dress.  I learned more about music and to sing from my heart. I still have my dress code. And I’m still learning about life as I’m on the journey worshiping Jesus.

I’ve learned, no matter how many people are in the gathering, my focus isn’t on my surrounding. My thoughts are on Jesus. I can get caught up in things. The Spirit of God is so real to me. He so real.

One major thing I’ve learned in life to focus on Jesus in whatever I’m going through.  I mean, any thing I’m facing in life. The LORD is there to see me through.

Thank you, Word Of Life Church for allowing me to be apart of your community. I’ve been enriched by being connected with people. God is using us to shine His light in our community and those around us.

May we remember while we’re in church gatherings, it’s not a show. May we respect the presence of the LORD while in worship. May we see the beauty of the LORD in the place where His Spirit dwells. Amen.

 Thank for reading. 

I know, worship is more than singing songs. In any case, our heart and focus should be on the LORD. We should do things out of our heart, it’s not to get peoples applauses or favor. But, it’s for our love for God. Worship is a lifestyle.

I Love the Lord because, he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy ~ Psalm 116:1 Thank You, LORD! Mercy, Mercy!

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