Your Favorite Possession

The 42nd Week of Gratitude:  Your Favorite Possession ~ The way I come to believe and see ;  Everything I have belongs to God. What good I treasure and what good I obtain is within my heart. I’m thankful that Jesus has His claim on me. He’s mine and I’m His.

What I “have” is the stewardship over what possessions I manage.  I’m accountable for what I do, what I say and what I’m a caretaker of. And, I shouldn’t let what I have, possess me.

I know that what’s in my possession is temporal.  I’ve learned to hold things loosely.  What I manage can be taken away from me.  And I know that they could be destroyed.

Everything that I “have” is on loan.  How I received things, came from what was given to me as a gift or what I obtain through laboring and buying processes. Yes, I have to hold things loosely. Someday, I’ll have to let “them” go.

Everyday, I make choices / decisions.  I have to approach things the why I believe…through what I do in actions, words and deeds… and with this process, I have to do it throughout my lifetime.

In all, life was given to me.
I belong to God.
Yes, I’m a  steward.
I own nothing.
LORD, help me manage what I have.

May we not let what we have control over us.
May we learn to hold things loosely.
May the LORD help us manage what we have.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S. A. Blakley

I’m thankful for Jesus, the “cross” and my family history.

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The 41st Week Of Gratitude ~  Hobbies ~ I’m thankful for my hobbies. I see my hobbies as things I like doing. They bring a challenge and a joy to me in doing them. And it’s interesting to look back over what I’ve collected through the years.

What do I call my Hobbies?
Collecting info for Family Research; Journaling on what I discover
Collecting small Calendars; seeing repeating calendar years.
Collecting Book markers, Cards, such as business, Special Items
Cards for Special Days: Birthdays, Christmas, Post Cards, Thank You notes, Letters etc…
Special  occasions items, Napkins, Pens, Pencils, Historical Moments
Newspapers & Magazines Articles about family & friends, Noteworthy stories
Small Crosses, small items about Christianity
Small What-Knots, knick knacks, Tokens, Game Tickets, Movie Tickets
Collecting some Souvenirs; Mile markers

22552326_10155489930095660_9005390094807091678_n (3)

May the LORD bless us to enjoy our hobbies.
May we see the beauty in what we do.
May  we believe that God will hear our hearts desires in our hobbies.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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Greatest Accomplishment

The 40th Week of Gratitude ~ Greatest Accomplishment ~ And mine is still not completed. It’s takes a lifetime to do.  

I’m thankful for whatever I have accomplished along my journey.  I’ve been thinking; What is my greatest accomplishment?  Yes, I can say that I have accomplished some things in my lifetime. But, what’s the greater or lessor of the greatest?

I’m thankful for the gift of each day present.  I live each day by the grace of God.  I’m thankful for the mercy of God as the  goodness that comes in and out of my day to day living.

I thought about some of the accomplishment that I’ve done, so far. But, still, I can’t come up the greatest.  It’s not the greatness of what I did. Or yet, can what I do be measured? I can say this or that about what I’ve done. Still is it a great accomplishment? I don’t know.

I’m still on the journey. I’m going about doing good. Whatever, I think that I have or will accomplish is still undone. There will be something else to pursue in life. Will I do that better? Or will I compare what I did in the past.

May God grant us grace to accomplish what He wants us to.
May we not be too proud of what we will achieve.
May we keep pressing on with God and what He has for us.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley


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My Heritage: I Thank God For My Lineage

The 39th Week of Gratitude: Your Heritage ~  As for my heritage, I’m thankful for my  DNA makeup. I had my DNA test done in October of 2014.  So far, I have 489 DNA matches on The matches are estimated from 1st to  4th cousins.


My Heritage has me
European   20.4%
Asian           5.1%
I’m surprised that I’m 1.3%  Ashkenazi Jew has me
African                           73%
Asian                             < 1%
European                       24%
Pacific Islander            < 1%
West Asian                    < 1%

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley
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Music I Love

The 38th Week Of Gratitude:  Music You Love ~

As for the music I love: ~ I like the music that I can make out the lyrics.  I grew up listening to music mainly on the radio. There were words, I couldn’t make out . Also, I would listen to the music my siblings were playing.  I didn’t go to concerts.

What music do I like? . There are a lot of artists that appear to mumble to me. I thank God for closed caption. Music can be played too loud. This is when I can’t make out what is being spoken. It’s weird that I had no trouble understanding Country music.

What kind of songs do I like?
Prayer songs
Songs that tell a story
Songs that I can relate to.
Songs that I can HEAR the lyrics.

I have learned through the years by listening to music. Songs do minister to us. They can heal our broken hearts.  Remind us of the times in our lives that brought good memories.

Thank God for the talented artists.
Thank God for the vehicle of music.
Thank God for people who concern to add lyrics when they play music.
May the LORD ministers to us through music.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you,

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The 3rd Friday In September: Thank You, LORD for the #Journey !

I remember this 3rd Friday in September every year.  It’s special. The actual day was September 17th and the year 1993.  Jesus made Himself known to me.

I was in a church gathering at Word Of Life. It was my first time being there.  We were nearing the ending of message. And the Spirit of the LORD come upon me. This happened back in the days of salvation alter calls at the end of the messages.

The LORD draw nearer to me and I draw nearer to Him. 
Something made my left hand feel a small pain, there was no reason for it to hurt.
And as I cried out to Jesus…
I felt a warm liquid flowing in my heart, it felt good.
I heard a voice speak to me to raised my hand. I heard that voice before.

It was this day, I make my public announcement that Jesus was LORD of my life.
Jesus had been with me back on Friday, March 25, 1983.
I confessed to Him that I needed Him.

The LORD had been guiding me on the journey.
I’m still on the journey with Jesus.
No turning bac. No turning back.

May we remember the special days in our lives.
May we learn to celebrate life.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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Some things I’ve Created

The Week 37th Week of Gratitude: Something You’ve Created. ~

As for me, hmmm ~ Some things I’ve created. ~  I thank the LORD for creativity and the ideas that come from Him. What have I’ve created? I know that I can’t added them all up.

Things that I’ve created: There are tons messes that I’ve made over my lifetime, Ideas that I’ve acted upon,  A system for doing things,  Abandoned blogs and sites left undone and or deleted,  Passwords for every devices that I need to get into.

Art work, Poems, Journals, Writings, Compiled notebooks,  Photo albums, Sharing thoughts on blog sites,  Xanga: Journaling Susan  which my subscription expires on March 8, 2028, Word Press: The Chronicles of Susan

Blog Spot: Family Connections: From Generation To Generations,  Blakey / Blakley WHITE, Susan’s Journal , Some Things I Share…

Created some Groups on Social Media ~ Facebook: Profile Page,  Family Connections, and Family Connection Groups: Blakey /  Blakley WHITE, Bartlett, Dade , Sharing on Twitter , Instagram, Pinterest , Klout , Googles plus

Genealogy sites: Where I add family info. Profiles on ancestors and some relatives, Family Connections:  Family Trees on My Heritage,  Family Tree,  Geni , Family Search, My Project on Find A Grave, My Family Info on 2 Fold,  a Family Connections Newsletter.

There maybe other things that I have created; A fashion statement, a certain gesture or two, my signature, handwriting. I don’t know. Lol

May the LORD help us manage our lives.
May we be used by God to create what He wants us to create.

Thanks for reading.
God Bless you.
S.A, Blakley

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