Be Thankful for God Given Personality Traits

Our God- given personality traits can be seen in our  actions, words, and deeds. We should be grateful for what God has planted in us. I’m thankful for the journey of transformation that God has set before me. LORD, help me Jesus!

Question for Week 12: What are you favorite personality traits?
As for me…

I’m thankful that God has blessed me with traits that bring glory to His Name. I’ve been thinking about some my gifts in my personality. What do I see and appreciate about them?

Here’s a few on my list of being….
I’m aware that being caring brings out,  being respectful toward others. The love of God is in all of us. We express care as we see the concerns of others in our world. It’s a nice to know that people care. (We all are cared for. We all are valuable in the eyes of God. We matter. )

I’m aware that being helpful and kind can encourage people in need. There are things I can’t be of use. But, I do show kindness in trying offer help. (It’s good to be a helping hand and show kindness in our lives. We  all need encouragement from time to time.)

I can make things complicated. But, I try to be simple and plain as I can. People tell me that I’m sweet. We all have our ways of expressing our sweetness.  (Those simple things in life don’t need to be too much. May we be sweet about the little things in life.)

Through the years, I’ve learned to be thankful. Even having a “Thank” sessions with God.  And as I’m coming along in life, I believe that I can be strong. Being built up by the LORD. (We should have a thankful heart every day. As we grow in life we can be strong through the thoughtfulness of be thankful for what God has done and will do in our lives. )

I hope that Spring is making her home where you are. She was here and left back comes and goes. Winter is tagging along. But, soon he will be leaving. The land is coming back to life as the storms and rain have been coming in due time. Enjoy Spring while its Springtime.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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Inspiration ~ Life

Life is a journey. And every season has its work set out for us. There are many turns we take. We choice what we ought to do or not do etc. We all have someone or some things that inspires us. It’s deep within us that makes us turn toward what inspires us.

Question for Week 12: Who Inspires You?  As for me….God, His Son and His Holy Spirit. (There are people in my life who inspires me. I see the Spirit of the LORD in them.)

Everything with good intention should point us back to Jesus. When, we’re in contact with the world,  God is there. He’s in people and in nature. We have to acknowledge God and be tuned in to the Holy Spirit.

Only, if we take the time to look, to think and be aware that God is everywhere. We can be sitting by ourselves looking a creation, and witness that God’s love. His Spirit allows us to see, if we take the time and be still.

When we interact with people, God inspires us through the people we fellowship with .  Even strangers along the path way of life can bring us encouragement. God awakens our soul in many ways. Through songs, words and the simplest things in life.

The Spirit of God is the main inspirer in my life. For He is the one I seek. He’s the One that inspires us to choose life. I’ve chosen life. The Life that Jesus has for me. The inspiration that I desire, comes from the LORD.

I have an icon of the “image” of Jesus and a crucifix in my room. They remind me that the LORD is watching over me all the time. One thing about this photo, if you look at the eyes and walk around the room, the eyes move with you. This is cool.

The crucifix is the reminder that Jesus died for the world. He died for all so we can live the life that He has for us. So greater love that God has for us through His Son, Jesus.

I’m thankful for the Crucified One.
I’m thankful that the Resurrected King is resurrecting me.
May the LORD guide us in the  season that we’re in.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you on your journey.
S. A. Blakley

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Some Things that I like About Myself: Being Shaped and Transformed

I’m coming along on life’s journey. Yes, I’m following Jesus and being shaped and transformed through the sacraments. It’s a spiritual practice of becoming more and more like Christ as we follow Him, His way. (Life’s has its challenges. We need Jesus to guide us and teach us how to life. )
The question for the 10th week of the year:  What 5 things you like about you?
As for me…

I like that I like to pray to God, the Creator of heaven and earth. I don’t go a day without communicating with Jesus. He’s my Savior and my all in all. He’s transforming me to  become my true self. (My old self has been dying.)

I like that I like to look nice. I learned this habit from my mother. She would say, we always should look nice; especially as we gather as the church. (We, as Christian represent God, wherever we go.)

I like that I like to remember something about a person as we meet on the path of life. It’s good to learn things about people. It’s good to call people by their names and to remember something special about them. ( It shows that we care.)

I like that I like to search for my family connections. I don’t remember what triggered me  to search for my ancestors. But, as I’m searching, I’m thankful that God choose the lineage that He blessed me with. (We weren’t born by accident.)

I like that I like to observe nature. There’s something about the great outdoors. I find myself always look around and searching the skies. Oh, how I can use my imagination. I see interesting things. (God’s creation is so beautiful.)

I hope you’re coming along on your journey.
Remember: God is with you.
And  He’s with me.

It’s that time of year again. Some of us are entering into the day we lose and hour. Yes, it’s daylight saving time. It might feel like jet lag to some people.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.

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We need Jesus. We need each Other. We need the Church: Along the journey

17022134_10154794450185660_2085130955226929743_nWe’re into the season of Lent. It’s been a beautiful start. I’m thankful for this time of the year. Yes, Spring is coming! Thank You, Jesus!

On Ash Wednesday, I attended the 7 pm gathering at Word Of Life Church in Missouri.  And while I was there, I felt like it was the first time I’ve been to a service like this. I’ve attended at least one, once a year. But, this time, I’ve been sensing something different. Even more so as  I’ve entered into this year.

As for this Lenten Season, I’m reading devotional guides and reviewing some of my Lenten journey notes from last year. I have some challenges from my guides for 2017. The Lent devotional guide from  WOLC . small books: Pauses for Lent  and  Once A Day: 40 Days , a Lenten Calendar with scriptures and Alive Now Magazine: Lent Photo  Challenges.

Each devotional has its uniqueness. Example : In selecting a photo that I post on my twitter and instagram sites, my mind is thinking. And I’m coming up with some ideas. It’s in how, I’m seeing some things and making a connection to get things done.

I got an idea for this  blog from a 52 weeks of Gratitude Challenge.  It’s the 9th week of 2017. I’ve learned to combine different things in what I do. It seems like a lot to do. But, if I see all what I do as one, I can see different sides of things, as I’m going along the pathway in life.

How am I doing? I’m coming along on the journey with Jesus, people and the Church. I’m rethinking and pressing on with The LORD. I’m approaching matters from different view of points; with the help of the LORD.

My eyes and my heart have been opening up to the move of the Holy Spirit. I’m repenting and rethinking life. I moving on with what’s ahead. I’m grateful for the gift of life and the time that I have. I’m thankful for the friends that God has placed in my life.

I reached out to some friends that I’ve lost contact with this week. I’m thankful for friendship. I believe that God places people into our lives for a reason. It’s nice to keep in touch with those who have enriched our lives.

I’ve made the practice of sitting with Jesus everyday: In prayer, wherever I go. I’m aware at He’s there. And He’ll always be. I know that we can’t do life alone. We need Jesus. We need each other.  And we need the church.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you
S. A. Blakley

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More Robins Sighting…. A Sign of Spring in Drawing near.

We’re into the shortest month of the year. And it will go fast. I’m still getting my days mixed up. I’m so much in the day that I am. Yes, we need to live in the present.

I’m not focusing on what’s ahead for tomorrow. I mean, I’m doing what I can in the present tense. I can’t keep looking into tomorrow without doing what I need to do in the day that I am in.

As, I’m doing my daily dos, I’m making new habits. I know that in due time I can break loose for the things that I need to stop doing. I’m keep up on some things I started in January. Glory be to God.

I’m slowing down more and enjoying life. There are times when I have to let things go. I need to have some time to do other things. Balance in life is necessary.

I hope all is coming along with you. In all seasons of life, we should seek God. No matter what’s going on. We need to take time for ourselves. We must be still and live life the best way that we can.

May we learn not to waste our time. May we see the good in our every day living. May we make the most out of our “now” time. May we not be focusing on what’s ahead for tomorrow

Yes, Spring is coming. The robins are the sign in my today. I’m not yearning for Spring. I’m enjoying the present of now. While, I know what’s to come.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S. A. Blakley

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May we Keep our Eyes on Jesus. For He is our Blessed Hope

We made it thought another week.. And the LORD has gone on before us. We need to keep pressing on!  May we walk in the light of Christ.

Oh! What a week it’s been!  Through life’s experiences, we grow and change in every season along the journey. And whatever is set before us O LORD, Grant us Your Comfort, Shalom Peace, Hope…in the world that we live in. LORD thanks for being with us.

Indeed, there are times we need to turn off the news and do something else. Too much news can get to us.  Some of my siblings gather and we watch reruns. I’ve been seeing this as a good thing.

There nothing like watching “Old Westerners” on Saturdays. The old shows makes me wonder. It’s interesting to watch.  I’ve been laughing when I’m aware of people who I can place a name to a character.

Yes, those old T.V. shows. Those are the classics. Those shows can’t be copied. They are the originals. There’s something about the first time when shows air.

I’m still on my family history quest. I’m making a lot of discoveries. One thing I’ve discovered while searching my family history, I’ve been coming across people in whom we share common relatives . ~ That’s CoOL!

I hope all is coming along with you. Life has its challenges. We live in a time of testing and trials. Changes are still coming. Remember the LORD is with us.

May we not lose hope.
May we keep our eyes on Jesus.
May we not grow weary in doing good.

Thanks for reading….
God Bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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LORD, grant us Wisdom to continue on the Journey. #Prayer

It’s been an interesting week. Looking forward for the Last full week of January. God is on the move. Things are changing. Don’t get blown away by the storm. Stand in faith.

There’s so much we don’t know. Things that we think we know. And very little things that we ought to know. May we learn the difference.

God is up to something. I pray that we will hear the call from the Holy Spirit. God is here with us. Only if we will acknowledge His presence and follow His guidance.

I pray that we don’t follow the angry crowd. But, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Voice that leads us in the way of peace.  The Voice that’s bring healing and restoration.

May we see that the LORD is with us.
May we work together for the good of things.
May the LORD grant us wisdom to continue on the journey.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.

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