For everything there is a season: Things I Like About Summer

According to the calendar, Summertime officially starts on Wednesday,  June 21, 2017 at 11:24 A.M. CDT.  There have been times, I felt as though, Summer begun about two weeks ago. But, than again, last weekend, the temperature  dropped into the 40’s. Yep! The seasons have been mixed up all year.

Question for the 21st Week:   Things You Like  About Summer:
As for me….I’ve been thinking.  What things do I like about Summer?

First of all, Summertime is my least like season.  Though, I do to see some good in the season.  Summertime brings on events and matters that only comes during this season. I love home-grown veggies.

Indeed, I’m not a person who lives in the great out doors.  I do adventure out on special days. I do like watching the stars on a cool Summer’s night. I like the 4th of July. I love sitting on the porch with family, shooting the breeze. I like looking into the heavens.

I’m thankful that I can feel the rays of the heat from the sun.  I’ve learned to be careful when I’m out.  I need to avoid the sun as much as I can. I love the shade trees. Thank You, LORD!

I will endure the heat when I really want to. I’ve saved the date, Monday, August 21, 2017. I don’t want to miss that solar eclipse.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope it’s a clear day.

I hope you see the good in each season that God blesses us with. I know that we all have our favorite season.  I do. It’s the Autumn season. I’ll blog about that when the time comes.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:
~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

Enjoy the last Full Week of May!
Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend
Hope you enjoy Summertime!

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.

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Jesus, My Closest And Dearest Friend: Thankful for friends

Question for The Week 20: Topic ~ A Friend 2
As for me…My closest and dearest friend is God, The Father, God the Son and God, The Holy Spirit. Thank You, LORD for being my friend!

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. ~ Proverbs 17:17

Along my life’s  journey, I have come to be friends with many. There are my church friends, my social media friends, distant friends and a lot acquaintances.  There are some friends, I hangout with. And a selective few, I share some of my burdens with. But, only Jesus, I share every thing about my life.

I’m thankful that Jesus is my Friend. He’s with me 24/7. I can speak to Him about anything that’s on my heart. Indeed, I do. He comforts me and encourages me. What an honor to be friends with Jesus for life.

Some of my other friends.
I’ve been thinking about some of my other friends. The ones I share gifts and have face to face conversations on an ongoing basis. I thank Jesus for them. They bring more than friendship. They allow me to be me. What an honor to be friends who honor one another.

I see my church friends as we gather as the church. I enjoy seeing them. I’m thankful   when we greet one another. We hand shake or give another hugs. I love speaking conversations with them. What an honor when friends meet again; it’s like a breath of fresh air.

I have some social media friends. They encourage me with what they share. I’m thankful for their feedback. There are times, I think God uses the internet to speak to us. I’m built up in ways. I believe God sends His messages to guide us on. What an honor to cross paths with caring people through the www.

I have some distant friends. The ones who speak from time to time. I communicate with them a lot less.  What an  honor to be friends with people who God bring into our pathway.

I have a few selective friends who I share some of my burdens. I’m thankful that they listen and pray for me. We should share our burdens with one another. I do have a lighter load when I write down and share my burdens. What an honor to open up to others.

Out of all my friends, I thankful for the ones who let me be myself.  The ones I can have a two- way conversation. It’s more alive. And the interaction allows us to see how we connect as friends. Friends ask me how I really feel. It’s not the question. How are you doing? But, really how I feel?

We can interact and be open to share, up to a point. The internet in written form and writing letters can do some good. It’s a one way interaction until the other response. It’s not the same. In person and in the flesh brings the person more alive.

I know that I won’t have the opportunity to met majority of my internet friends. I have some that email from time to time. I try to keep up with them. Especially, my DNA cousins, who have become friends. What an honor to stay connected.

I’ve been thinking about my friendships. I’m thankful for the ones that call me friend. I’ve learned that I can’t be friends with everybody. Yes,  there are people who don’t like me.  The signs are there.

There are times when friends drift away. We can lose connections.  It’s sad when we have to depart. What happened to the friendship? I give the matter to God.

Friends are important to have in our lives. We can meet people everyday. Some will become our friends along the journey in life. What an honor we can bring the goodness of God to one another. 

I hope that God is your friend. He’s the best friend that you’ll every have in life.  He more than a friend. He’s our life and Savior of the world.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

Family members are friends too.
That’s a different kind a friendship.
Family is family.

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God is bringing me through #Life #Lupus #LupusAwarenessMonth

I’m thankful that God has been there with me through my life’s journey.   I try not to complain about how I feel. Or what I’m going through. Every, now and then, I speak up. My flesh has a fit. 🙂

The question for week 19: Health.
As for me…

As I look back over my health journey, I didn’t take much medication in my early life. The only meds I took, were when I had to, when I was sick. As I grew in age and things started to happen,. As they say, things are come with life.

I was thinking about what illnesses and or diseases that have been attached to my medical records. I thought, when I was told, I had something, that it was bad. I didn’t understand. But, I know that my temple that the LORD has given me needs some repair.

Out of  all the diseases that I have attached to my medical records, lupus is the toughest. My 1st diagnosis with lupus in 2001 was one of the worst days of my life. I was in sorry shape.  Then the lupus came back in 2004.

I’m thankful that God has been with me in whatever I go through.  Now, I’m in remission. Praise God! But, still I’m pressing on with lupus’ kin folks. The LORD is my healer.

I feel for people who have been diagnosed with lupus. If you have lupus, keep pressing on. Don’t give up hope.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. ~ 3 John 2  ( Amen! )

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

I was told I had a heart murmur early in life. And now I don’t have it. They said I grew out of it. Thank You, LORD! Thank You,  Jesus!

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The Weather: We Have To Learn To Live With It

I’m thankful for all the beauty of  God’s creation.  God is an artist in all medias. The weather has its ways of capturing our attention.  I’m aware of it.  Storms aren’t my thing to hang out with.

You know, we have to learn to make the most of what comes. The more we complain, the more we don’t like what we’re in. We’re on a lifetime Journey with the weather. So, we have to learn to live with it.

Question for the 18th Week of the Year: The Weather
As for me:  I’ve been learning to wait out the storms that comes with life.  And to pray too. O! Lord, help us to see the beauty of Your creation.

I try not to complain about the weather.  I do look for the beauty in nature. I  love watching the clouds race across the sky. I look to see what I can see. I’ve seen some beautiful images.

There’s so much wonder we can experience through the weather.
Why do we talk and complain about the weather?
Yes, it’s something to make conversation.

The weather has been rainy and cold last week. I said on one of my other sites. “Well, at least the rain isn’t turning into freezing rain, ice or snow.” It’s in how we look at things in life.

May we learn to appreciate and see the good in the weather.
May the LORD reveal to us the important about nature.
May we use wisdom when we’re out in dangerous weather.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.

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Beauty comes with age

 (God) “Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” Psalm 139:16

Beauty comes with age. Some how, we can lose contact with ourselves as we grow in years. We think, we should look young as we age.  We should age with grace and be young at heart.

I’ve learned a lot through on my journey. I don’t worry about how I’m aging. Age is like art. We should wear our age the best we know how.

People tell me, I don’t look my age. At the present moment in my life, I have no wrinkles. But, I will admit, I have been crowned with some silver hair. And when more comes, I will wear it like it is.

I’m thankful for my natural birth and for being born again in the spirit. And Lord, help me live my life to the fullest.  I know without God, I am nothing.

I’m settling into my new year. What a month it has been. It seemed to have passed me by. And it’s the last weekend of April. The official 21st day since my birthday ends on April 30, 2017 at 9:48 am cst. And I know where I will be.

I always receive birthday greeting,  well after my birthday. Yep! It’s my birthday month. It’s never too late to wish someone a Happy Birthday.

May we learn to age well.
May we not be caught up in how we look.
May the LORD help us as we grow during our aging process.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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LORD, forgive us when we take things for granted.

“Everything in the world is about to be wrapped up, so take nothing for granted. Stay wide-awake in prayer. ” ~ 1 Peter4:7 MSG

We have one life to life. We can’t live another person’s life. We can take things for granted. We can take people for granted. Lord, forgive us and have mercy on us.

Question for the 17th week of the year: Something You Take For Granted:
As for me…

I’ve been thinking. What do I take for granted? Those things that I  appreciate but, don’t really give thanks for? Those things, I think that will always be there?

Life is so precious. We should appreciate those little and big things in life. We can brush so many things aside and not be aware of it. Yes, we can think that things are meaningless to us.

We can receive a gift and wonder why someone gave us that gift?  We can have an opportunity to do something for someone and we can think, what’s in it for  us?  We can do a lot of things that we think isn’t in our league. So why bother?

I think some of the things in my league are the things I take for granted. I think that they will always be there. But, I have to remember, that what I have belongs to God. It’s a gift. We have to hold things loosely.

I try to appreciate what I have. The time, treasure and talent that I have. I can only use what I have in my possession. I can’t do more than I am able to do.

I’ve been in the habit of thanking others. We all need to show appreciation every opportunity that we have. When we lack thankfulness, we can take things for granted. We have to have a heart in life.

We all have value. What others do for us or give us out of love has something behind it. We have motive in what we do. Only God knows our action and our heart. Be thankful.  Be a blessing to others.

May the LORD guide us in being thankful for what we have.
May we have the right motive in what we do.
May we learn not take things for grant.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.

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The 97th Year, Since My Mother’s Born Day

My mother entered this world on Wednesday,  April 21, 1920.
Photo of my mother, Lula as a child, her age unknown.
The photo below, my mother is in red
My mother’s mother, Mary is in blue.

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