An Introvert’s Accomplishments And About Humility ~ Week 5

I’ve been thinking about this question.
Do you consider yourself to be an introvert, one who draws energy in isolation
an extrovert, one who draws energy from being around people?

I took a test to see what I was. The test reveal to me that I am  an introvert in public and an extrovert in private. I consider myself more of an introvert.  I don’t like being around huge crowds. When I am, I seem to drift off. I don’t feel apart of  where I am. I’m lost in the crowd so to speak.

When I’m alone, like right now, I’m journaling this blog. And will start others blogs to work on later.  I have peace and quiet. I have no audience.  People can drain my energy. LORD, have mercy.

When I’m in a small groups; setting in person, I tend to listen to what people have to say. And if I sit too long, I can get sleepy and tired.  When sitting for an hour and a half, I can get restless. I have to wiggle my legs, stretch or something.

I noticed when I’m with extroverts, they are talkers. I have to find the a way to jump in to say something. However, I tend to think about what I want to say. Rather than to keep talking and not allowing others to speak. I like to ponder before I speak.

When I was journaling this blog, I was journaling for a while…took a break. Then I came back and reread it. And a few days later, I edited it and set date for it to post. This blog and all my blogs are future post. This blog post date was set last week.

I’ve been thinking about some of the things that I’ve accomplished in my lifetime, so far.  I’m thankful that I saw my accomplishment through. Here are a few. And I had blogged about this before last year.

What Was The Greatest Accomplishment Of My Life?  

  • Repost: from 03/ 18/ 2019
    Having a perfect attendance in High School
    Becoming the 18th member in my family to graduate from the same High School
    Journey of a lifetime to Israel November of 1998
    Being apart of a church worship team: Choir. 1996 -2001 : 5 years and 9 months.
    Being a volunteer Church Greeter
    Caring for my parents and some of my siblings
  • 22552326_10155489930095660_9005390094807091678_n (2)

An Ongoing  Accomplishment ~ Searching for my Family Connections.

When I began journey in the mid 1970’s. I didn’t know much about my family history.  Now, I can trace back to the year 1765. I’m overwhelmed by what I’ve stumbled across.

I’ve discovered who all my great grandparents names.  I’ve come a long way.  I have a rich heritage. And with DNA testing, it’s amazing how we can connect with relatives. What a wonder!

It’s good to appreciate others and do things for one anothers , all in good intentions. In all what I have accomplished and inspired to do,  I did for the glory of God. I’m thankful that the LORD saw me through it all.

I hope that you are doing well. Whether if you’re an introvert or extrovert , you are you. So, be you. Don’t be a copycat. Discover who you are and what makes you tick. May you accomplish things that you set your heart out to do. Amen!

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.

Source from the Opening  Questions from @WOLC ~ Word Of Life Church:  Summer Small Groups. Conversations On Who We Are Becoming :

The Theme Conversations  for Week 5 ~
An Introvert’s Accomplishments And About Humility ~ Week 5 ~
Scripture James  4: 4-10

1.) Do you consider yourself to be an introvert, on who draws energy in isolation or an extrovert, one who draws energy from being around people?

2.) What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

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#Prayer School: In Person And Online

I  can’t recall when I attended my first  prayer school in person  at the Word Of Life  Prayer Chapel in St. Joseph, Missouri. Pastor Brian Zahnd leads the prayer school. And through the years, his wife, Pastor Peri Zahnd and Pastor Derek Vrleeland taught during some sessions.

I think, my first session in prayer school began on the second Wednesday in January of 2012. The school continued through Ash Wednesday.  The sessions were on Wednesdays for about five or six times. Through the years, I made it a habit to attend once a year.

Well, this year, I had three opportunities to attend.  One was in person in January.  It was a two day prayer school. And the other two were two, three days online prayer school in May via ZOOM. All the sessions were an hour and a half each. Both gatherings, the in person and online prayer school were good.

I believe that I’ve reached a new level in prayer during the prayer school online sessions.  I can’t explain it.  I’ve sensed a difference in my prayer life. I feel more focus in prayer and praying. My mind wanders at time. But, I get back on  track.

In my early years while praying the prayers, I would struggle doing the liturgy. I don’t know how many times,  I would start and stop, start and stop and so on praying the track. I got frustrated and tired of doing it the way it was set up.  But, I would pick the liturgy and keep praying the track.

For years, I’ve been praying the track straight through. I have had my days when I feel like not doing the prayers. But, I do the best that I can. I pray, the prayers. I have changed the track some from time to time.

It takes time to pray the prayers. The liturgy has four pages. It takes me about 25 to 45 minutes to pray through. It depends the the Psalm for the day and how long I want to  pray.

I have a mind set to want to pray. I’ve some of the prayers memorized.  What  I’ve learned is to pray slower and not to rush. I sing the psalms.  It’s important to be in the present of  the moments. This takes practice.

Day by day, my prayer journey appears different. I make a conscience decision to pray,  no matter what. If I think I did good or not, that doesn’t matter. I’m not getting brownie points.  Or entraining myself as I pray.

As long I start to pray, that’s a good thing to do. I keep praying. I pray out loud. Expect when I’m sitting with Jesus in silence.

What I’ve learned about praying is to keep praying. By praying the liturgy, I’ve been seeing things in a new way. Yes, I’m being properly formed through praying the prayers day by day. Prayer is an ongoing journey.

Never get tired of praying. I hope you have a morning ligury. May we pray the prayers. And  as we pray,  may we join in with those who are already in pray.

Here’s the full morning liturgy I pray…However, I’ve changed some things.  I have all the scriptures written out to make it easier to pray through while praying. Everything flows to keep on the track.

There are some things during Pastor Brian’s Prayer School, he asked us to to do. First was to trust him with what he was sharing. And to pray the liturgy as written for 40 days, without evaluating how we think about it until after the 40 days.  I prayed the prayers did the 40 day challenge. I learned to pray the prayers daily.

Here are some  liturgies posted on the  Word Of Life Church’s website.|
I’m thankful for prayer school.

Thanks for reading.
Prayer School: In Person And Online
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

106243103_10158104366525660_5382835611846562386_o (1)

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A Musician In The family: Solo #52Ancestors 52 Weeks

Week 27 ~ July 1-7 ~ Theme: Solo

Frederick “Fred” A. LANKFARD was born on January 28, 1878 in Canton, Missouri. He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.  Frederick was one of eleven children. He married Mollie (BURTCH) WHITNEY on June 22, 1942 in Jackson County in Missouri. 

jpg - 2020-07-01T175413.552

Frederick “Fred” A. LANKFORD / LANKFARD

Frederick A. LANKFARD was a professional tango banjoist traveling the country.  He performed in Colorado, Minnesota and New Mexico areas. In his time, Fred was well known to the orchestra circles. At some point in his career, he became the leader of a “Ideal Musical trio group.  (Photo: an enhanced and colorized by MyHeritage.)

There’s no known record of when Frederick began his career or how long he was apart of this trio group. He may have began his career in St. Joseph, Missouri. Frederick passed on Feb 6, 1963 in Bronx,  New York at the age of 85.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S. A. Blakley

Frederick was my mother’s father’s brother: my great uncle.


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About The Words We Use: Week 4

Oh, the words that we use in our everyday conversations. We can bless others and bring life in their days. Or we can  bring curses and death to situations. May we be wise in our speaking.

Names Other Would Call Me:
My childhood  nickname; that my family would call me, was Susie. Yes,  Susie is still my nickname. It’s the name I hear the most with relatives and friends.

Susie Q is another nickname. When I was in my schooling years, I was called by my real name, Susan. Still to this day former classmates call me Susan.

And in my childhood, I would have people giving me  nicknames that I didn’t like.  One of those names was Skillet. Another was “Flakes”by some classmates in grade school.

James 2:9-10 esv
9 “With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. 10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.

As kids we learned, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. ” Is this true? Do you agree with the sentiment or not?

The words we speak for important. Yes, words can hurt.  Sticks and stones can break a person’s soul. Hurtful words can pierce the soul. It can leave wounds that can last for years.

The Words We Use:
The words we speak can shape someone’s thinking and bring encouragement. Also our words can crush another’s spirit.  If someone choose to speak negativity about others and matters in life and about themselves, they can cause conflict with others and do damage to their self esteem.

Speaking positively lifts the spirit. It brings life and edification. Words are vehicles that are received for the good or for not so good.  Words come into our thinking and goes to the heart. What’s in our hearts reveals things about us and what we believe.

Some of My Verbal Mistakes:
Back in the days when I should have known better, I had made the practice of  name calling and speaking out of turn….Getting back at people by calling them names to downgrade them isn’t nice. Saying things that I shouldn’t be spoken is another.  It’s not nice. I’ve repent about such act as this. It’s over stepping boundaries.

The Words We Choose 
Choice words have the power to hurt so much that they can cut deeply into a soul. If a person can’t hear and you know it, this can bring a person down. We shouldn’t keep yelling that the person that they can’t hear and say things we shouldn’t.  It can break  a person’s spirit. It brings blame on the person. Show mercy and help the person.

Constantly saying negative things can delittle a person. Pointing out the person’s weakness.  Telling someone that they are an idiot,  a dummy, stupid, blind and can’t see and etc isn’t helping the person.  It’s putting more damage to their soul and burden in their lives.

We should see the beauty in people. We ought to speak words of encouragement to one another. We ought to build one another up in love.  Speak words of life in to people is the best thing that we should be doing. See the good in others is what we should practice.

I hope that you are doing well. I pray that you have encouragers in your life who speak words of blessing to you. If you feel poorly about yourself, know that you are beloved by God. He cares for you. He knows your hurts. He’s there for you. Call upon Him at any time. Amen.

Thanks for reading
About The Words We Use: Week 4

God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

Source from the Opening  Questions from @WOLC ~ Word Of Life Church:  Summer Small Groups. Conversations On Who We Are Becoming :

The Theme Conversations  for Week 4 ~  The Words We Use ~
Scripture James 3:2-12

Opening Questions:
1.)  Did you have a nickname growing up? If so, what was it?

2.) As kids we learned, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. ” Is this true? Do you agree with the sentiment or not?

Reflecting Questions
2.) What are some of the verbal mistakes you have made?

Remember we all make mistakes from time to time in the words we use.

4.) Why do words have the power to hurt so much and cut so deeply?

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First Half Of Twenty Twenty

Who would have imagine that this first half of 2020 would become a time of  Chaos,  a Global Pandemic, Protests, Riots and who knows what else? Oh! What a half this year has become! LORD, have mercy!

As I look back over the chaos, it has truly been challenging … through the Cancellations, Delays,  Shelter In Place, Wearing Face Covering. Keeping Physical Distancing and so forth, I can testify that the goodness and mercy of  God that has been following me all of my days. Thank You, LORD.

I was excited when we entered into 2020. I was going about my days and doing  some things I normally didn’t do. I’ve been going to movies and eating out with some friends.

I was beyond myself when the  Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. It was a dream that came true. I was so happy!

Then things began to change around the world during February and March. It was the start of a global pandemic. I was wondering.  What will become of this? What in the world is coronavirus? COVID-19?

At first, I couldn’t pronounce the name of the virus.  I began to keep updated on the matter. By the last week of February, I was preparing for a 24 hour Lenten Retreat.

 The thought of this virus coming to America and then to my hometown. At first, I couldn’t believe this. This virus started in China and went across the world so fast.

Still, I  have concerns.  People are not seeing the importance of wearing face covering and keeping a physical distance. I’m doing what I believe, I should be doing for the common good.

There are some things I have chosen not to take part in during this pandemic.  It’s not wise for me to be around crowds..  I have a limit to where I travel. I’m staying close to home..

Will we be able to get back to normal? This pandemic is a challenge. May God grant us wisdom.  May the LORD, guide us through all the we have to go through to get through life’s challenges.

I hope that you’re doing okay.
Take Care!

Thanks for reading.
First Half Of Twenty Twenty
May better things come out of the third Quarter.
God will be with us in the Second Half of Twenty Twenty.

God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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Middle Of #52Ancestors 52 Weeks

Week 26  ~ June 24-30 ~ Theme ~ Middle 42857477_10156370366190660_6176416267344281600_n

I’ve been thinking about the word middle.  What can I journal about in the middle of my 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks Challenge?   I’ve been googling.  What about middle names?

Middle names are important.  It’s a name that is given to us in honor of someone by the parents. When I see a middle name. Wonder, how was that person connected to the family?

My middle name is Ann.   How did my parent come up with that name? Who was Ann?  My middle name came from my double Aunt Anna. Her nickname was Annie.

Anna was named after her Grandmother Anna Laura Washington. Anna Laura had a daughter her name was Mary Anna Allen. Mary was my mother’s mother.

While on my family connections journey, I have come across people who were named after aunts and uncles. And some went by their middle names.  This is confusing.  Some of my relatives had large families and same name relatives.

I had two Great Uncles. One was named Ollie Blakey and the other Archie Blakey. As I was searching for information on my California Blakeys, I came across a Clarence Ollie Blakey. He had a son named Michael Archie Blakey.  Yes, they are my family connections.

I have other relatives who went by their middle names.
Anna Alice Smith and her husband Christopher Columbus Smith

Obrey Pearson Blakley, my uncle. 
Clarence Ollie Blakey, my cousin
Anna Laura Walters, my great grandmother .

Here’s something extra. It was fun to do.

Middle of What? This #52Ancestors 52 Weeks Challenge.
Middle name ~ The name between first and  last of three names
Middle Child ~ The odd number child with at least 3 children.

Middle of the Country ~ Lebanon, Kansas
Middle of the Year: ~ July 2 ~ That Day is 183
During  Leap Year July 3 ~ That Day is 184

Middle of Nowhere ~ Lost and trying finger out where you are
Middle of Something ~ Working or in situation
Middle of the Street ~ Sewer Top

Middle Age ~  45 – 65
Middle of the Night~  2 am or  between 12 am – 4 am
Middle of nothing  ~ Taking a break or a pause

Middle of the way ~  Halfway there and Half way to get there
Middle of the World ~  Equator
Middle Ground ~ Two of something between

Middle Ages : Long time ago ~ 476 AD – 1453
Middle of the Week~ Wednesday at Noon
Middle of the Road ~A line or division

Middle of Time ~
In between space
Middle of the Day ~ High Noon
Middle of Middle ~ The letter d

Middle School ~ 6th, 7th and 8th Grade
Middle Fingers ~ Ring fingers ~
The longest finger on a 5 digit hand

Thanks for reading.
Middle of #52Ancestors 52 Weeks

God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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My Cultural Setting: Mercy Before Judgment: Week 3

I’ve been thinking about my neighborhood from back in the days. I grow up around some of my relatives.  I didn’t have too far to walk to Grandma’s house.  My Grandmother, Mary lived down the street and in the middle of the block. She was about  four houses away.

Also on this same block were my aunts, uncles and cousins.  They lived across the street from one another and or side by side. We called this space;  L.B.J. Street. It was also known as the village. I can’t recall how many generations lived on this block area. My mother and some of her siblings were born in their home.

I grow up  around a multicultural community which included  African Americans, blacks, whites and mexicans.  There were a few Jewish owned and operated stores nearby. We would shop there.

The photo below was where some of my relatives lived.  This block was majority of  African Americans / blacks.  My family and I lived up on the hill which was on the next block. The family house is located on the left side of this photo.

We lived on the same street but, had a different block number. There were only two black families on this block; which included my family and my aunt and uncle who lived over the hill and lived in the middle of the block. The rest of the families were either white or mexican.

One Street Well Traveled By My Relatives

Today, at this moment while I’m typing this blog;  I’m feeling somewhat of a mixture.  I wonder about the things that are going on in the world. The changes that are coming.  I’m thankful  that God brings things into my remembrance from time to time. This encourages me. I’m not alone and that my life matters.

I posted this on facebook, Monday,  June 22, 2020
I was praying my morning liturgy this morning.. I was praying about “Black Lives Matter.” I paused for a less then a few seconds. And I saw in my vision, two friends; a couple from church. They looked at me and said … “Your Life Matters.” These friends actually told me this back in 2013 or so. And this thought or vision came to me in my prayer time.

About My Emotional Life And Others’
I  tend to carry my emotional life, the best way I know how. I seek God when my emotions are out of place. I sit and calm down to rest my thoughts. I read scripture that lifts my spirit.

Here’s another question…
“To what degree do you carry in your own emotional life the emotions of those around you?”

If something is going on with others who are around me, I try to relate to what they are going through;  feeling their burden.  I listen and pray for them. I try not to get to involved as much as I should.  I would give them their space.  I show mercy and not try to be the judge that what’s going on.

I hope that you are doing well.  I think that our early upbringing  introduces us to our  community journey.  And it helps us relate others when we are in a bigger community.

I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to live near my relatives. My parents taught us, children to be kind to one another. I believe that our upbringing is taught in our early life. We bring what we’re taught into our community. We learn how to interact with people as God leads us on our journey.

As for my childhood neighborhood,  it was unique. We learned from one another.  We saw others passed. Some moved on to other places.

As for my space, some of us grow up together. We went to school together. We did life together as we lived in the village, we called L.B.J. Street.

Thanks for reading.
My Cultural Setting : ~ Mercy Before Judgment

God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

Source from the Opening  Questions from @WOLC ~ Word Of Life Church:  Summer Small Groups. Conversations On Who We Are Becoming :

The Theme Conversations  for Week 3 ~  Mercy Before Judgment ~
Scripture: James 2:8-17

1.) Did you grow up in a multicultural setting or did you grow up around people who were just like you?

2. ) How are you feeling today?

To what degree do you carry in  your own emotional life, the emotions of those around you?

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Anniversary Milestone On Father’s Day

Father’s Day  has always been a special day for me.  Yesterday was the first Father’s Day  I missed gathering with the church since 1994.  I love gathering with the church on Father’s Day.  And in 2003, I would always go the the Upper Room and pray.

Well!  Due to this coronavirus pandemic,  the Upper Room has been closed to the public since middle March 2020. It will open again. And the day will come, I shall return to church and to the Upper Room.

Yesterday, I hit a milestone. It was my 18th Greeter’s Anniversary. I became a volunteer church greeter at Word Of Life Church on Friday, June 21, 2002.

I posted this on the facebook WOLC group.
I hope all are doing well. I’m doing okay. I was thinking about y’all. June 21st is my WOLC’s Greeter’s Anniversary. I became a greeter on the 1st Day of Summer in 2002. It’s been 18 years. And I’ve met a lot of people along the journey.

I’ve been praying for the members of WOLC… The people who sat near me and around the pew where I sat have been crossing my thoughts….

Grace and peace to all. We’ll get through this COVID-19 together.

Above is my greeter’s badge.

I posted is on the facebook WOLC group  on Monday,  June 22, 2020.

Thanks for your kind words, comments, thumbs up, hearts and your smiley cares. I looked at all of your names,. There were about 5 of you, I had to look at your profile page. I couldn’t place you. I know who you are now. All our lives matter. Shalom Peace and God bless you all. ❤

I’m making the most of  days. Sundays haven’t been the same.  In due time, I’ll gather back with the church. In the meanwhile, my church attendance in person  is on hold.

For now, I sensen that I’m in a season of resting in the LORD. I am to do things as I am able to do inside my space. I’m always gathering with the church, weekly.   I’m learning some things from this season of not being there. I’m not complaining.

This coronavirus changed our world. We can’t do what I use to do.  We have to wait this virus out. LORD, have mercy. Let there be a cure. Soon and very soon.

I hope that all is well with you. If you attend a church gathering, consider wearing a mask and keep your distance. By doing this you are saving someone’s life. Be thoughtful of others.

May those who gather as the church be wise.
May God heal all who have been tested positive and protect us all from this pandemic.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

Here’s one of my tweets on Twitter from Father’s Day 2020.
It’s been a wonderful day. It was different. I was journaling about it. Thank You, Heavenly Father for this day. I’ve been rejoicing and being glad in it.

I had quiet Father’s Day.  It was sweet and peaceful. I joined in for online church. Sunday’s sermon was a good message. May we let the Joy of The LORD be our strength. Amen.



Also on Father’s Day,  I had time to future post on my facebook family connections groups. I read a chapter and answered the questions for my Wednesday ZOOM group. And I had my quiet time with God, the Father.  I miss attending  family meals and gatherings on special days.  

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Unexpected #52Ancestors 52 Weeks

Week 25 ~ June 17 – 23, 2020 ~ Theme ~ Unexpected

Thanking God for the many unexpected findings along my family connections journey.

The Sun and clouds

Through the years, I’ve been stumbling across many unexpected discoveries about my ancestors. And the findings have been so amazing. I’ve been overwhelmed. It makes me wonder. How lucky I am!

While searching through old newspapers:
I came across obituaries and additional information that tied things together.
I  found obituaries or death notices of family members who were born in slavery.

Delilah Lewis   (1773 ca – 1887) was the mother of Susan (Leach) Washington (1835 ca – 1890) who was my 2nd Great Grandmother.  In their death notices, the name William Washington was mentioned. He was the son in law of Delilah and the husband of Susan. William was well known in his days. Ironically,  I haven’t found his death notice or record of his passing.

Robert Louis Lankford Lankard  (1852 – 1919) was the son in law of  Isaac Dade  (1805  – 1890)  Frances (Ovington) Dade  (1810 – 1901).  Robert was the husband of Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard (1854 – 1924)  They were my Great Grandparents.

Robert’s and Charlotta’s son, Leo Lankford / Lankfard (1884 – 1954) married the granddaughter of William and  Susan (Leach) Washington, Mary (Allen) Lankford / Lankfard. (1889 – 1975). Mary’s mother was Anna Laura (Washington) Walters (1867- 1947)

I was surprise to come across that Susan Washington passed at her home at 18th and Mulberry on Jan 9, 1890.  Isaac Dade passed at his daughter’s home on Jan 11, 1890. Susan and Isaac passed in the same city.

Other  unexpected findings: Susan passed 19 days after her granddaughter, Mary Anna  Allen was born on Dec 21, 1889. Susan’s mother, Delilah also passed at 18th and Mulberry the place where Mary was born.

While searching through documents:
I came across different surnames and spelling of surnames.  Don’t know the mysteries of why some didn’t have the same surnames or spelled their surnames a different way.

Isaac Blakey  was born into slavery in 1845. He was my Great Grandfather. He passed in 1917. I have come across a lot of amazing unexpected things on him. I was surprised to see find him on the 1880 MO census listed with his mother, Julia (Finney) White and family. ~  I haven’t come across a notice in the paper of Isaac’s passing.

What’s In A Name? 
Telling the Story of The Family Surnames: Blakey White

Jan 25,  1985 ~ Letter from a cousin.
They were all brothers also Uncle Isaac BLAKEYHe was a WHITE also, but was old enough to be sold to another master which was BLAKEY and he didn’t like to be separated from the rest of the family. So he ran a way and joined the Civil War… that’s what my father tell us….Willie M. (WHITE) TERRILL WINFREY daughter of Richard and Jane WHITE

In the 1980’s ~ Oral History
My father, David told me that the family surname was BLAKEY. That was what he was told by his siblings. My father was taught to spell his last name BLAKLEY. He did not know why some spell their surname BLAKEY.

How Did The Family Get From LANKFORD To LANKFARD? 

I have others unexpected findings along my journey.  There are other ancestors who lived after they were born into slaves. Elias W. Bartlett Sr. and his second wife, Harriett (Buffington /Hooper) Bartlett 1849 ca – 1909) They were my Great Grandparents. However, I haven’t found records of them being enslave.

I believe that I will come across more. I’ll keep searching. It’s so exciting to uncover my family history. This draws me to wonder. It’s amazing.

I hope that you have been discovering things about your family history.  If not, you should start searching. It’s interesting to find new things about family. Some shocking news too. Remember to share your findings  with other family members. Take care.

Happy Juneteeth Day!
Happy Summer Time!
Stay CoOL!

Thanks for reading. 
Unexpected #52Ancestors 52 Weeks

God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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While In My Teen Years: Doing Hard Things ~ Week 2

Here are some of my responding to a few  Questions from @WOLC ~ Word Of Life Church:  Summer Small Groups. Conversations On Who We Are Becoming :
The Theme for Week 2 ~  Doing Hard Things ~  Scripture: James 1:19 – 25

1.) Describe the hardest thing you had to do while navigating the difficult waters in high school?

Some of my back pages: I went to a Central High. It was a large school. I had my challenge through the years…

As I was thinking about the theme this week, I went down memory lane. I looked back at some of my high school yearbooks and my public school grade cards. Yes, I have them all but the first grade.

It’s been a while since I left high school. I graduated with the class of 1982.  Actually, it’s been 38 years. I haven’t been to none of my high school reunions.  I have no desire to do so.

I’ve been thinking about my teen years. I found a photo when I was 13 and when I was 19. Oh, how time has come.

In My High School Years: 
I can remember having trouble getting into my locker and rushing to my classes in my early Freshman Year. By my Sophomore Year, I managed to take classes closer to one another.  I didn’t have many close friends that I would hang around with after school.  I didn’t try out for sports or other activities.

In my Junior Year, I was more accustomed to things while I moved into my Senior Year.  As for my experiences in high school, it was as it was.  I passed my courses.

I did have some negative occurrences during my public schooling years.  I was made fun of and laughed at. I’ve been called the “N” and even spit upon; but the spit didn’t come on me. The negativity was part of  growing through the issues of life. And life continues in my adulthood.

What is the hardest thing you had to do when you were a teenager?
The hardest thing for me was speaking in front of group of people, oral presentations, etc.  It was hard for me. I had trouble speaking.

2.) How do you feel at this moment?
I’m feeling  out of place and needing a place to connect.
I’ve been thinking about things.
I see that times are changing.

While In My Teen Years:
Doing Hard Things ~ Week 2

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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