In Loving Memory of Spencer White: The Julia Finney White Family Connections

Deacon Spencer White passed in his home at 7:30 pm on May 15, 1929  He was a respected citizen of Moberly, Missouri. He was born into slavery in Chariton / Howard County Missouri.  He was the son of Andrew / Ander White and Julia (Finney) White from Virginia.

Spencer’s age on is obituary states that he was 72. His birth year in 1857. On his death record, it states his birth year was about 1856 or 1857. According to a slave ad in Feb of 1858, he was 6 years old. His birth year was about 1852. The 1880 census states year of birth 1852.  His birth is listed as July 15, 1852.

Spencer married Malinda Banks on July 15, 1887 in Glasgow, Missouri at city hall.
They had two daughters, Ceola (White) Reed and Sallie (White) Hudson.

Spencer married Dora Cason, date not known.
They had a daughter named Obenetta “Benetta” V. (Craig) Pearl.

Spencer married Miss. Lou / Lu Washington on Oct 10, 1895.
They had no children together

Spencer married Mrs. Fannie Brown on Nov 17, 1906.
They didn’t have children together. Fannie had children

Spencer had failing health for some time before his passing. He was a member of U. D. Ledge and Masonic Lodge. He worked as a laborer / day laborer, He owned his own home on a farm. He serviced as a deacon for seven years. His funeral was held at the Second Baptist Church. Rev C B Johnson preached funeral at 2:30 pm. Burial was at Oakland Cemetery in Moberly. Missouri.

Sources: Obituary, Slave Ad, Census Records, Death Certificate. Marriage Records. News articles…Spencer’s wife Fannie (Moonman White was the informant on his death certificate.

Bio by S. A. Blakley
19 Aug 2019

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In Loving Memory of Richard White: The Julia Finney White Family Connections

Mr. Richard “Dick” White was the youngest child of Julia White. He was born on September 15, 1866 in Chariton County Missouri. He passed on July 19, 1946 in Glasgow, Missouri.

Richard married his first wife, Jane Ferguson (1873 – 1919) Jane and Richard were married on May 5, 1889. Jane was 16 or 18 years old when she was married. Her father Thomas gave consent of the marriage.

Richard and Jane White had 13 children

1.) Alberta White Morris (1893 – 1944)

2.) Odell White Rucker Craig (1893 – 1943)

3.) Moses White (1895 – 1989)

4.) Tony White (1896 – 1975)

5.) Thomas Alphonsy / Tommie White (1898 – 1989)

6) Rennie Pearl/ Rena White Houston (1900 – 1945)

7) Eugene White (1901 – 1988)

8.) Lonnerll/ Leonell White (1903 – 1937)

9.) Willie Mattie White Terrill Winfrey (1904 – 1994)

10.) Hattie White Jackson (1906 – 1986)

11.) Jane White Hayes (1909 – 1982)

12.) Richard White (1912 – 1960)

13.) Hester Boyd White Born about 1913)

Richard “Dick” married in Mrs. Mary B. Stapleton.
Mary was born Mary Belle Brooks (1860 – 1951)


Richard wasn’t listed with his mother and siblings on the 1880 in Chariton County Census. There was a Richard White about 12 years old as a hired hand to a Daniel White. They lived not to far from Richard’s mother, Julia White.

This Richard could be the same one. Daniel Boone White was the brother of Frances White Blakey. Frances Blakey was the slave owner of Julia White. During slavery Frances may have sold Richard to Daniel. Richard may have stayed on with Daniel White as a hired hand.

Richard White was listed on the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 and 1940 censuses. Richard was a builder,  a businessman, a farmer, had blindness, operated a store…

I hope descendants of Richard “Dick” White will discover this information.
Or Perhaps someone can add more information.

Thanks for reading.
The Julia White Connections: Richard White

Oral family history, censuses, marriage records, death records,

Bio Updated
by S. A. Blakley
Sept 3, 2019

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Church Life: 26

The journey continues… I’ve entered into my 26th year gathering with the church.  I began on Sunday,  September 12, 1993. I attended a Baptist church. The message was on building our faith muscles. Jesus Is LORD!

Later, that week, on Friday night, September 17, 1993, I attended Word of Life Church. The message was “The Iron Did Swim.” I continued to attend the gatherings and became a member of Word of Life a month after I came.

I’ve come a long way on this journey.  I’ve met a lot of people and served in a few ministries along the way.  Church life brought me out of things. I’m less shyer than I was.

I’ve been a life leader. I prayed for a set number of people on a daily basis. I became a member of special church choir then regular choir from 1996 – 2001. Currently, I’m a greeter. I’ve been been a volunteer greeter since June 21, 2002.

Church life has changed over the years. I’ve been unlearning some things. And relearning things I lost track of. I have learned not to over do things. I’m been in detox from what I need not to do.

I’ve readjusted to the changes in the church community. Through the years,  the gatherings were about an hour and a half to two hours. Now,  the Sunday gathering is an hour and fifteen minutes or so.

Church Life 2019
The Sunday Gathering begins at 10 am cst.
It’s an idea what to look for.
Someone welcomes us: Announcements about the service.
We confess Confession of Worship
We sing a song
Someone come with exhalation about  praise and worship
We sing  a song
Hear the  scripture for the week
We sing another song while the altar is open for people to come up for prayer
Pray the Prayer for the Week

Welcome by someone: Greet one another
Announcements: Tithes and Offering: we pray
We sing,or musicians play their instruments
Before the message, we pray….
End of message leads up to being welcomed to receive communion
We pray a prayer: The ushers tell us when it’s go to the Lord’s table.
We sing a song or two while communion to being served.
Closing message: Announcements
Spoken blessing over congregation before leaving…
In The Name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
We are dismissed: We go our way in peace

Church Life Back In The Days:  
Gathering set times over the years:
Sundays at 9 /11 am and on Fridays at 7 PM
We had guest some speakers, some concerts….

Main Sundays / Fridays Gatherings: Back in the days
Welcomed: Announcements: used videos at times
Sing songs
Welcomed: Tithes and Offerings: Pray followed by a song
Prayer before the message
Closing before the message: Alter open for prayer: ministered to.
Received communion: It varied in the early years then on Fridays.
Closing Message: Prayer The Doxology came later in years.
Dismissed: Go in peace.

I attend the weekly Sunday gathering. I make the most of the time when I’m there. I’m thankful that I’m connected with the church community.  The LORD is in this place.

Here’s what’s happening at Word Of Life Church.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S. A. Blakley

Word of Life Journey

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In Loving Memory of John White: The Julia Finney White Family Connections

The Julia Finney White Connections: John White

Mr. John White was born into slavery in Missouri in June of 1859. His parents were Andrew White and Julia Finney White. They were from Virginia.

John married to Katherine / Katie Estell on July 24, 1887 in Forest Green, Missouri.  John and Katie had about 11 children.

On the 1920 Missouri census, Katie had a granddaughter, Louise White and grandson Leo Kayson (White) listed with her.

John and Katie White’s children.

Earnest White born about 1881

Leburter White born about 1884

Irina / Arena / Irene White born about 1892

Alice White born about 1883

Erma/ Emma White born about 1898.

There were 4 Unknown Children that died before 1900.

According to the 1910 Missouri census, Katie had a total of 11 children with 3 living. Most likely Earnest, Irene and Erma.

John was a farmer and a laborer. He passed away on September 10, 1918 in Salisbury, Missouri. He was buried in Forest Green, Missouri

According to an article “Slavery Descendants To Have First  Reunion in Sioux City, Iowa on August 28, 1971, John Blakey was mention.  The story goes, the slave family were to be sold. John, the slave born and his older brother, Isaac Blakey were sold to a man with the Blakey surname. They were sent to Forest Green, Missouri.

John took the White surname. As for the Blakey surname, Isaac was the only one in his slave family that carried the Blakey surname. Besides, it dawned on me. nd anything on John.  Not for sure if John carried the Blakey name while enslaved.

Sources: census records, marriage license, death records , Oral history
Bio Sept 5, 2019.
By S. A. Blakley


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In Loving Memory of Martha “Mattie” White: The Julia Finney White Family Connections.

Ms Martha “Mattie”/  Matt White was born into slavery.  She was the daughter of Julia (Finney) White and  Andrew White. The year of Mattie’s birth is unknown. However, the year of her birth was recorded as 1856, 1862, 1864,1865 , 1866, 1867, and 1877.  Mattie was could have been born in May of 1862 in Chariton County Missouri.

Oral history stated that Mattie never married. And that she had a daughter named, Bob Ella (BENTLEY) CARR. Ella had a son named, Willard Carr.

According to all the census records Mattie was on she was listed as Martha White once and as Mattie White the other times.  She was listed as a widow on all the censuses.  On the 1910 census, she was listed to as having five children. Four of them were living on May 23, 1910. On the 1940 census, Mattie’s last name was recorded as Hereford.

Mattie / Martha was the mother of
Patrick White born about 1882
Alice White born about 1884
Bob Ella Bentley Carr born about 1886
Jane White born about 1889
Oressia Herefore born about 1904

Mattie’s occupation was listed as a laborer, day laborer, a cook and, a laundress. She owned her own home.She was listed on the 1910 census twice. Once with her children and the other with John Blake and his wife. Mattie was as a servant, a cook. John Blake could have been her nephew.
On the censuses records, she lived by the people with the surnames of White, Woods, Cason, Tooley, Moore, Houston, Hayes, Butler. According to oral history, Matttie passed in April of 1947 in Forest Green, Missouri.

There is no record of her death in Missouri as Mattie White or a Martha White.

Sources: Oral history, censuses, news articles,
Bio written by S.A. Blakley
Aug 16, 2019.

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In Loving Memory of Andrew White Sr.

Andrew White was born into slavery between 1812- 1819 He married Julia Finney. Andrew and Julia White came from VA to Howard and Chariton County around 1835 or so. According to two records, Andrew was stated to have been 5 to 10 years older than his wife Julia.

Little is know about Andrew. The year of his death is unknown. Oral history states that Andrew was one of many enslaved men to help build the First Baptist Church in Forest Green Missouri. The church still stands. It’s not to far from where the blacks were buried. A.K.A ~ Bentley Cemetery.

Re written
12 April 2019
By S. A. Blakley

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In Loving Memory of Julia Finney White

Mrs. Julia / Julian (FINNEY) WHITE was born into slavery around 1820 to 1823 in VA. Her parents were born in VA. Her slave owners Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY and her husband John BLAKEY came from Orange and Middlesex County VA. Oral history states that Julia and her children came from Africa around 1843 to New Orleans.

The year of Julia’s death is unknown. She was counted on the 1880 census. Oral History states that she died and was buried in Forest Green, MO. The cemetery is near the First Baptist Church in Forest Green, MO.

Julia was listed on a census by others who carried the WHITE surname. They could have been related. There was an Andrew White that lived next door to Julia White.
In Howard County MO on the 1880 Census record.

There was an Andrew White Next door to Julia White in 1880.
Isaac White born abt 1800 Virginia (Self) (Head).
Andrew White born abt 1850 Missouri (Son).
Laura White born abt 1855 Missouri (Andrew’s Wife).
Mariah White born abt 1874 Missouri (Daughter).
July A. White born abt 1876 Missouri (Daughter).
Isaac White born abt 1878 Missouri (Son)

Bio rewritten 12 April 2019
By S.A. Blakley.

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