In Loving Memory of Andrew White Sr.

Andrew White was born into slavery between 1812- 1819 He married Julia Finney. Andrew and Julia White came from VA to Howard and Chariton County around 1835 or so. According to two records, Andrew was stated to have been 5 to 10 years older than his wife Julia.

Little is know about Andrew. The year of his death is unknown. Oral history states that Andrew was one of many enslaved men to help build the First Baptist Church in Forest Green Missouri. The church still stands. It’s not to far from where the blacks were buried. A.K.A ~ Bentley Cemetery.

Re written
12 April 2019
By S. A. Blakley

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In Loving Memory of Julia Finney White

Mrs. Julia / Julian (FINNEY) WHITE was born into slavery around 1820 to 1823 in VA. Her parents were born in VA. Her slave owners Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY and her husband John BLAKEY came from Orange and Middlesex County VA. Oral history states that Julia and her children came from Africa around 1843 to New Orleans.

The year of Julia’s death is unknown. She was counted on the 1880 census. Oral History states that she died and was buried in Forest Green, MO. The cemetery is near the First Baptist Church in Forest Green, MO.

Julia was listed on a census by others who carried the WHITE surname. They could have been related. There was an Andrew White that lived next door to Julia White.
In Howard County MO on the 1880 Census record.

There was an Andrew White Next door to Julia White in 1880.
Isaac White born abt 1800 Virginia (Self) (Head).
Andrew White born abt 1850 Missouri (Son).
Laura White born abt 1855 Missouri (Andrew’s Wife).
Mariah White born abt 1874 Missouri (Daughter).
July A. White born abt 1876 Missouri (Daughter).
Isaac White born abt 1878 Missouri (Son)

Bio rewritten 12 April 2019
By S.A. Blakley.

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In Loving Memory of PFC Frederick William Lankford

Frederick W. LankfordPFC Frederick William Lankford was born on February 17, 1930 in St. Joseph, Missouri. He was the youngest son of Leo LANKFARD / LANKFORD Sr. and Mary Anna (ALLEN) LANKFARD/ LANKFORD. He was the first child to pass.

He graduated from Bartlett High School. He worked for Noma Electric Corp before entering the service. He was a  member of New Hope Baptist Church.

Frederick enlisted in to the army on April 26, 1951. He was a member of the battery A  17th Field Artillery Battalion. He had been overseas since October 10, 1951.

On July 19, 1952, his “company was fording a river during a torrential rain in Korea.” ….  near Komipo, North Korea. Tragically, he was swept downstream and his lost his life by drowning.  On July 19, 1952, he was declared missing in action.

His body was recovered in August of 1952. And later returned from Korea to San Francisco, California in Sept of 1952. The body was escorted by the military all the way to St. Joseph, Missouri.
Fred was due to return home from the service in August of 1952.

His body was returned to St. Joseph, Missouri on Sept 21, 1952.

He was honored with a Military Service  Funeral on Sept 23, 1952 at New Hope Baptist Church. The Rev. A. J. Johnson officiated the funeral . Fred was buried at Ashland Cemetery.

Sources of info
St. Joseph, Newspress/ Gazette
Korean War Project
Bio by S.A. Blakley
19 July 2019

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Ancestors In A 1858 Newspaper Advertisement

It’s been 30 years since I received this advertisement. A thoughtful librarian mailed it to me. I was inquiring info about my ancestors. God bless Mark who took the time to search the newspapers. This ad was a public sale that listed my ancestors by names. There is a court record in Howard County, Missouri dated in Jan of 1858.

Newspaper, Glasgow, Weekly Times, Feb 25, 1858 page 2

It’s a horrible thought to see this ad. My ancestors were sold as property.   A selected group of people were classified as slaves… That was the law of the land during those times. Thank God that slavery was abolished.

I’ve forgiven those who have enslaved my ancestors, decades ago. Through my quest, I have come across some of the descendants of John and Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY. I’m thankful that I had a chance to make contact them.

As I look back at this ad, I still wonder what became of my ancestors. Through the years, I have made some discovering. I’m still searching for their paper trails. I hope to find more.

I assume that the nine enslaved were a family unit. The owner had to sell and divide the money between the heirs of John BLAKEY; his widow Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY and their children. John Blakey passed in 1844.

Who were the people mentioned in this newspaper ad?

Andrew WHITE, my 2nd Great Grandfather, born about 1818
Julia WHITE, my 2nd Great Grandmother, born about 1820
Linda WHITE, my Great Aunt, born about 1841
Mary WHITE, my Great Aunt, born about 1844
Isaac WHITE / BLAKEY, my Great Grandfather, born about 1845
Ben WHITE, my Great Uncle, born 1848
Spencer WHITE, my Great Uncle, born about 1852
There were two other children….

In the Howard County Missouri probate, two other children were mentioned.
There were 8 people listed on the probate record and 9 on the ad. Someone searched the probate record and sent me her notes in Nov of 1989. God bless Carolyn.

Andrew was listed as 45
Julian was listed as 35
Linda was listed as 15 or 17
Mary was listed as 13
Isaac was listed as 11
Andrew was listed as 9
Lydia was 5
Not for sure if Andrew was Ben or if they were twins.
Spencer was listed as 2
Ben was listed as 9 on the ad not the probate.

Other discoveries:
Julia had about 13 or 14 children.
Julia was listed as a widow on the 1880 census with some of her children.
Julia had a granddaughter who was mulatto, the mother wasn’t listed.

W. C. HARVEY, a doctor and the son in law of Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY.
W.C. also signed an affidavit to verify that he knew Isaac BLAKEY before the Civil War.
W.C. and Isaac lived about 10 miles a part after the War.

According to  other affidavits and oral history:
Isaac and  his mother were sold  about the breaking out of the War. They went south. They ended up in Mississippi.

Oral history has it the Isaac ran away and joined the Civil War. Pension records indicate that Isaac enlisted into the Union Army on Nov 1, 1863 in Natchez, MS. He served until May 13, 1866. Isaac was wounded with a bayonet in the War.

After the Civil War, Isaac searched for his family. He was told some were in Mississippi. Isaac gathered his family. They moved to and live in Forest Green, Missouri around March of 1880.

I believe that there is more info on my ancestors. The transaction to who bought them  in 1858 – 1859….  where  they lived after this ad was placed. I haven’t located them on the 1870 Census. They were most likely in Missouri. The info is there. I hope that I or someone will stumble upon it. Giving thanks to God.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you.
S.A. Blakley

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In Loving Memory Of Mrs. Delilah “Lillie” Lewis

Mrs. Delilah Lewis was born into slavery in May of 1773 in Franklin, Williamson County in Tennessee. She was moved to Kentucky where she was raised. Her parents are unknown. They were perhaps born in KY or TN. At some time, she was removed to Franklin, Missouri or Franklin Tennessee.

She was moved to Liberty, Clay County Missouri where she was sold to Prestley Edwards. She was with him for about twenty five to thirty years. Delilah was hired out to William Lane for 10 years.

In 1861, Delilah was moved with Peyton Townsend to Saline County in Missouri. She remain there after the rebellion of the Civil War.

In 1878, she moved to St. Joseph, Missouri, where she lived with her daughter, Susan Leach Washington, her son in law, William Washington at 1801 Mulberry Street. Delilah passed on April 19, 1887 at the Washington’s residence at the age of 113.

Delilah was a member of the Baptist Church for 50 years, since 1837.
She was a servant of the LORD.

In her obituary here are the last words….
….”and when the death angel came, she was still in the service of the Lord.

Far from the world of toil and strife
She is present with the Lord
The labor of her mortal life
Ends in a large reward.”

Delilah was buried on April 24, 1887 in Mount Mora Cemetery.

Source of info from Delilah’s obituary 1887.
St. Joseph, Missouri Herald

Other records
1880 census: Listed as a widow, est birth year 1787, listed with the Washington’s
City Directories: where she lived: Mulberry ne cor 18th , did domestic work.

Funeral info:
Burial Number: 2076
Cost: $15 for Interment:

Thanks for reading.
Delilah was my 3rd Great Grandmother.
God bless you.
S. A. Blakley

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The Resurrected King: He Is Risen! Alleluia!!

29572328_10155948804650660_7177690987737510154_n  He is risen! He is risen, indeed!
 Peace be with you!
Let’s enter into the resurrected life that Jesus has given us.

Happy Easter!
God bless you.
Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley


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Ending Of Lent: Some Needs Come To An End

It’s been an experience traveling with Jesus during this 2019 Lenten Journey.  There have been some things that I have died to and let go of. Though there are some things that are no longer are a part of my journey, I have those reminders that they are still there.  However, the desires had have lesson or have little to no effect on me now.

What needs to come to an end in your life during this season of Lent?

I can’t recall how long I’ve been observing the Lenten Season. It was around 2002 when I joined a lent journey  site online. It was interesting. However, I  didn’t participate with the locate church until years later. I can’t recall that year. Through the years, I have more of an understanding of what Lent is about.

Now, year after year, I join in the journey with the church. This time, I’ve decided to end some things for the good of it.  Why do we  give up things during lent and pick it back up after the season has ended? And do the same things year after year?

Well! I’ve decided to give up soda pop for good. Over the past season of Lent, I’ve fasted pop, donuts, cookies, watching less TV, less of the internet, less use of cellphone and so forth etc… Why not let go of the things we know that are not good for us?

I’ve been tempted to drink soda this week. However, I have no desire for it. And at one time I like coffee.  I use to drink it off and on. I got tired of the headaches. So, I decide to stop drinking coffee altogether. Every now and then, I’ll walk down the aisles in the store and smell the temptation of coffee.  It smells good! But, I still say no to coffee!

I have other personal things that I have let go of.  There were some things I didn’t have a choice. And there are some thing, I have no longer have interest in.  I’m doing things that I love doing that brings life to my spirit and soul.

I’ve learned that seasons come and go for a purpose. When a season has to end, I have to move on and believe that God will lead me into the next one. He has gone before me… I have to follow His leading. LORD, help me Jesus to keep following after You and not the crowd.

Until the season of Lent 2020 comes, I’m resting and laying down those things that I no longer need. What will I let go in Lent 2020? I don’t know. But, I will when the time comes. The LORD is working on me. Save me some more LORD. Amen!

Thanks for reading.
God Bless you.
S. A. Blakley

From Sermon Discussion: March 24, 2019
The Apocalyptic Christ message by Pastor Brian Zahnd

There were 9 questions, I shared the first two one another post.

9. What needs to come to an end in your life during this season of lent?
I approached the question in another way.

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