People’s Ages

Notes From 15 September 2009

Peoples’ Ages: Are we aware of peoples’ ages?
Can we look younger or older than our ages? It’s possible. It’s how we “see” people. And how we keep ourselves up that brings awareness…

I can see people and not try to guess their ages. At times I think I am younger than some of the people I am around. I mean, When I learn some of my friends ages, I thought that I was younger than they were. It turns out I am older.

When I share my age with people, some say I look younger than my age. Some look at me in a way that makes my laugh on the inside. I can’t explain it.

I’m not hooked on how old I look. I’m aging the way that I am. I thank God for the beauty that He places in each one of us. Beauty lies in the heart of each one of us.

When my parents where alive I didn’t see their ages. My father didn’t have gray hair until he was in his 60’s. My parents didn’t have many wrinkles on their faces. I could say there were a few wrinkles on their faces. My father lived to be 76. My mother lived to be almost 80.

I think it’s how we live that affects our aging process. The sun is a factor. And what we put on our skin is a factor. What we eat and our lifestyle makes a different too. It’s what we expose ourselves to.

May we age well in the aging process. May we learn to keep ourselves up. May we do the best with what we got. May God bless us with health and healing on our journey in life. Amen!

On The Journey…Peoples’ Ages

It’s the beauty within that matters the most.
Aging is a process we all go through.
May we go through with the grace of God.

With blessings,

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to People’s Ages

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Hi Susan, I am 81 going on 90. My wife has a huge emotional problem with aging. She hates it and resents anyone asking her age. She is at the stylist as I type in Starbucks. I say young in other ways. lol

    I was thrilled to reach 80—somewhere the Bible says that we live to 70 on the average and 80 if we have the strength. I am the only male on my dad’s side of the family to live past 71. I think Ilook my age.

    I had my first heart attack at age 40. I went from 224 to 160 and started exercising. Other things helped—McDonald’s and Starbuck’s.

    Hope your week is going well.

    BTW the surgeon who gave me my quadruple by-pass heart surgery at age 61 said that life expectancy was 60% DNA, 20% diet, and 20% exercise.



    • Susan says:

      Frank, you’re living your life. God is with you along your journey. I’m enjoying my week. Hope that you are too. It’s Autumn time here. It’s been cool. Peace to you.


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